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Welcome to our interview with Charlie Nash from Vintage Games, in which VG are the developers of Weathered, The Cat, and more.

On 7 June, 2013, Luke Barlow (LB) of The Indie Reviews got some answers from Charlie Nash (VG) about his and his comrades’ endeavors. See how they got on below!

LB: When and why was the development team formed?

VG: Vintage Games started in February 2013, up until recently I was the

only member of the team. VG started as I wanted to be in full control of

what I do, so I left the current team I was at and started work!

LB: Who formed the team?

VG: I formed the team.

LB: Who is now a member of the team?

VG: Currently there are five people who are in or have contributed

heavily to the team. Myself (Art and Programming) being the main one and

with contributions from Patrick Jackson (Support design and

Programming), Ruan Opie Meres (Art), and Musicians; Gabriel Guimaraes

and RampantMusik.


LB: Where did the name of “Vintage Games” come from?

VG: “Vintage Games” came from my obsession with all things 1920’s to

1950’s, and since our first project Weathered is heavily 20s – 50s

inspired it seemed perfect.

LB: What are the general views on games such as favorite genres and titles for the developers?

VG: Everyone who has worked on Weathered is pretty much a big fan of

things such as Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, Steampunk and Retro Futurism.

My favourite AAA games include the BioShock series and Fallout series

(These titles were the biggest inspirations to Weathered).

And my favourite indie game is The Journey Down (By SkyGoblin).

LB: What games have the team developed in their past?


VG: Myself (Charlie) – The Cat, Chatter, Angry Reviewer and

Doses are previous games I have worked on. (Doses is awful, don’t go

near that crap).

Patrick Jackson – CMDRogue, The Cat.

The others I’m not too sure, ha ha.

LB: What is the team’s current project?

VG: The current project is Weathered, which is a Dieselpunk 20s – 50s

inspired 2D RPG.

LB: What was your inspiration for your current game?

VG: Inspiration for Weathered came from the following: Fallout (1, 2, 3,

NV), BioShock (1, 2, Infinite), The Journey Down, Artists such as The

Ink Spots, George Formby etc, Black and White Minstrels, and loads more.

LB: How long has it taken you to develop the game from scratch so far?

VG: The game hasn’t been built from complete scratch as I have been

using the AGS engine. But I have been working on the game since January.

The reason it has taken longer than expected is due to script changes

and changes of inspiration.


LB: What have been the good and bad points during the development stage of the game?

VG: The good bits of developing the game are the creative bits.

Designing propaganda and advertisements for locations, and thinking of

wacky ideas to implement. Another good bit is talking to other Indies

and getting feedback etc..

The bad bits include losing interest in the project and having to do

lots and lots of art for everything.


LB: Do the developers have any future plans for the game?, if yes, what?

VG: The plan for the game is to be an RPG set in the middle of the sea

where you can travel to different locations such as islands and pier

settlements to perform quests and other things. So far we are on track.

LB: What are your views on the game, such as art, game sounds, story-line, etc.?

VG: A man called Javier Cabrera (Creator of “Cypher”) told me that all

that matters, is if I like the game. And so far all the work has paid

off and I am happy with it so far. Hopefully it will progress 🙂

LB: Do the team have any future developments planned?

VG: In the future there will most likely be lots of updates and

expansions to Weathered and possibly a sequel if all goes well. Other

projects I am not too sure yet.

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