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Hello, my lovely indie gamers! Have you ever been lost in space? Hey, neither have I … and thank God for that! However, you’ll get your turn soon enough as this hopeless space mechanic from Lost Orbit, an outer-space obstacle course game from the PixelNAUTS studio! Currently available only as a playable demo, the game is in the process of joining other action or arcade games on Steam for PC!

As said once already, in Lost Orbit, you play as a guy lost in space. Other than on the game’s ABOUT page, there is no story you’ll find within the demo, especially not that his name is Harrison. The goal is to lead Harrison home, via a drag-style obstacle course, in which you must avoid gliding asteroids and machinery. Along the path are obtainium that you can collect to purchase upgrades (not available in the demo, however).

As you travel, you will encounter these obstacles that you must avoid flying into, along with the wall-like barriers the asteroids form. If you find yourself on the wrong edge of the course (even when trying to avoid other obstacles), you can fly towards the edge and you’ll end up on the opposite side via the game’s screen-wrap.

Getting into the game, you are accompanied by ambient electronic music and the cell-shaded graphic environment (if you don’t know what cell-shading is, refer to Borderlands’ graphics). At ‘Amazing!’ graphics, well, the setting says it all. The environment looks just that! Even at ‘Ok’ graphics, all you get is a slight blur on areas of surroundings and less anti-aliasing (better rounded edges), and still looks great! As for the music, it suits the mood. After all, I wouldn’t think Harrison’s in too much of a hurry, especially when the later he gets home, the fewer pieces he’ll be in! And, as said before, within the demo itself you will not find any story, and in the case of the demo, it’s not very relevant to the gameplay offered.

Acknowledging that Lost Orbit is not yet available, other than as a playable demo, there are a lot of things I personally could not comment on. The visuals and audio are fit for this kind of game. The controls are also fluid. My only real complaint is that turning gets a tiny bit touchy sometimes, even on my controller, but that may just be user error. I do await the full version, as the demo doesn’t offer everything, but as far as I am concerned with the demo, it’s got it’s gears (in a good way)!

Originally, I felt obligated to check out and review this game for something to do, then I wondered if I’d really get into it much. When I found how difficult the levels and their checkpoints progress to be, it annoyed me a bit, but I channeled that feeling into determination to retry the part again, whether I’d take a new or the same approach, or just avoid it. Really, the desire to come back for more really got me into it. The gradual difficulty of levels 1 and 2 inspired me to check out the last level just to see how far more difficult it’d be! On top of the amazing visuals and relaxing music, it’s rewarding to try over and over.

In all ado, the demo of Lost Orbit gives what the full version plans to bring, including focus on RPG elements, quite the curious potential, and so I’d deem it worth the play! With amazing visuals and its outer space setting, with a background of relaxing music, the gradual difficulty and reward will pull you back into its orbit for more!

PixelNAUTS’ outer-space obstacle course gets 9 splats out of 10!

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