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My initial thoughts of From the Depths was that this looks a similar concept to the indie title Space Engineers, and in a number of ways it is, you can create a custom ship and rage epic battles. However what caught my eye with “From The Depths” was the outstanding physics engine that it utilises.

You are initially presented with a slightly hectic main menu with a range of options available to the player, such as profile creation and user created content. In the background of the menu you are presented with in game creations that I can only dream to create.

Once you have created your profile you can play single or multiplayer, this is where really starts to shine. The single player mode allows the player to touch up their building skills prior to undertaking a series of story mode missions, this then progresses to campaign mode once the player has gained enough experience.


I was blown away by the massive range of blocks and add-ons that you can use to create your ships, ranging from standard decoration and construction blocks to Jet engines and Missile Launch Pads. You can spend hours creating your masterpiece and I did exactly that. However, do not become too attached to your creation as it is quickly torn apart in battle.  You are able to not only create battleships, but fighter jets an sky fortresses such as your very own version of the Death Star.

Each ship manoeuvres and operates in their own unique way, with the larger ships sacrificing speed for un-relenting power, and smaller ships darting around with hardy a turret in sight.  Each vehicle has a unique damage system that you would expect in most vehicle combat titles. Such as destroying an opponents engine will bring them to a halt, tear apart their hull and unload on their exposed warheads with devastating consequences.


 The game already has an established community base with a whole fleet of breath-taking user creations available in the steam workshop, with creations such as Submarines and complete battleships all available to download and check out.

Overall From The Depths excels similar titles such as Space engineers purely down to the vast customisation available and the seamless physics engine allowing for some vicious and diverse battles as nippy speed boats encircle the warhead carrying destroyers.

I can only see the game improving with an increase in building materials and an increase in the amount of missions available to the player, and along with the games massive replay ability value I will give it’s Alpha Build a rating of seven out of ten!


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  1. Tom

    Great game, great review!
    Thank you.

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