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Aperion Origins is a free twin-stick space shooter from the guys over at aPriori Digital. It’s fast paced, neon, high score based goodness and is certainly worth a download. Let’s take a look.

Right off the bat Aperion Origins feels fast and arcade-like. The main menu sees you flying through a star field, the music is upbeat techno and the graphics are very bright with neon colours. It all works really well.


One thing I always check in apps is the settings. With mobile apps, I mostly only see things like Volume checkboxes so don’t comment on them, but Aperion Origins has loads of settings! You can change the sensitive of the controls, control type, thumb stick type, HUD visibility and more. It’s great that there’s that level of customization available and everyone will be able to set the game up to best suit them.


Moving onto gameplay, Aperion Origins is all about fast paced explosions, high scores and combos. Fight spaceships, get gems, rank up, upgrade your ship, upgrade your powerups and rinse and repeat. The more powerful your ship becomes, the more carnage you can do which stops it getting stale; it just gets more awesome! Each time I died, I never felt like putting it down, I just wanted to get right back to the action.

There’s four ships in total to unlock each with different stats. They take quite a few gems to unlock so I only have the first! There’s also 12 powerups that you can unlock and upgrade depending on your rank and the number of gems you have. After choosing your ship, and spending the gems you have on upgrades, you choose what arena you want to fight in.


There’s 8 in the free game and 16 more that can be purchased with micro-transactions. I’m not a fan of micro-transactions in games, but given the game is awesome and free I’m fine with that. There’s gems that you can purchase which I’ll be avoiding as I don’t like to pay to win, but Aperion Origins might just be the first app that I purchase micro-transactions from as I want the other arenas!


The final step before battle is choosing your difficulty. There are 4 in total to choose from for each arena; ‘Easy’, ‘Normal’, ‘Hard’ and ‘????’. As you can tell I haven’t unlocked the final difficulty yet, but since I often die on Normal I’m already terrified of it!

It’s time to battle. The gameplay of Aperion Origins is simple; Kill everything, don’t die and collect powerups to help you. The controls utilize twin-stick movement, so you use the left side of your screen to move, and the right to aim and fire. For the most part this works great, but I have one small gripe. The movement controls could be sharper. The game is very fast-paced, and you’ll often find yourself cornered but you can’t for example swap direction immediately. The ship will instead move on a smooth arc, which looks and feels great, but I feel it sacrifices responsiveness to achieve that.


The graphics are one of my main reasons for loving Aperion Origins. Everything has an old-school neon aesthetic, so when you have loads of enemies chasing you, explosions everywhere and gems flying around it looks great. My main critique of the game lies here however, and that’s the general polish of the game. There’s quite a few places where text isn’t centred correctly, is the wrong size, overlaps etc. and I just think it could have had more time spent on it and tidied up. I’m sure this won’t bother most players, but it caught my eye as something that could be improved.


Given my only critiques of the game are that I think the polish could be improved and the controls could be sharper, you can tell that I’m pretty fond of it. It will be staying on my iPad for sure, and I keep finding myself picking it up and playing a few rounds whenever I want a quick break. For a free app it’s really good, it would certainly be justified to be a paid game, so I do recommend picking it up and giving it a go.

As we always rate game out of 10 at Indie Gamers, so I’m going to give Aperion Origins a 9. It’s rated 5/5 stars on the Play Store and iTunes, and the only reason I haven’t give it a 10 is for the lack of polish in places. Awesome free app, so if you have an android or IOS device you should certainly give it a download. The links to do so are below.

Play now on IOS

Play now on Android

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2 responses to “Let’s take a look at … – Aperion Origins

  1. Hi. My name’s Kieron (Artist name KCS). Just wanted to say thank you for posting a review on Aperion: Origins.

    I was responsible for the soundtrack of the game. So I was happy to hear how well everything has been recieved.

    Link will take you to my soundcloud where you can stream a sampler of the overall soundtrack and download “Blackout” for free https://soundcloud.com/kieron-kcs-solomon.

    • Hi Kieron,

      Great work on the music, it really brings a lot to the game.

      I checked out your SoundCloud, you have some awesome tracks 🙂

      Best of luck with your future work, and thanks for the comment!

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