Let’s take a look at … Dino Eggs: Rebirth

We all know the movie industry is rife with reboots, prequels, and sequels. Well, it happens with video games too! Back in 1983 a puzzle platformer called Dino Eggs, created by David H Schroeder, was released for Apple II, Commodore 64, and IBM PC. Years later, the result of an international effort including original author David, a sequel has been released and is awaiting your votes on Steam Greenlight. Let’s take a look at Dino Eggs: Rebirth.


The original Dino Eggs was received to great praise, so for our OG gamers out there seeing the return of the title will undoubtedly bring a flood of nostalgia and familiarity. For those of us who haven’t played the original, Rebirth features an introductory back-story tying the original game to the new bringing us up to speed.

The protagonist in this reboot is the daughter of the original, Time Master Tim, reminding me a little of Tron and Tron Legacy. You play Tamara, and your goals are in line with those of the original: avoid enemies while collecting dino eggs and other items (some of them new to this reboot) to teleport to the future for research.


The game starts by guiding you through a few training levels, teaching you how to perform certain movements and how to collect eggs and baby dinos. Careful platforming and planning is required to uncover and carry items to portals. Only three eggs can be carried at a time, and once you send those to the future, you will show up somewhere else on the map, sometimes directly in harm’s way. If you’re injured, you can heal by standing in front of one of the portals. You have three lives to clear the map, otherwise its game over and you have to start from scratch.

There are several modes of gameplay available. Story mode allows you to unlock different areas as you progress through a fixed game, and multiplayer allows 2 to 8 people to play on the same screen. There’s even an option to play the original 1983 game which is awesome!


Staying true to the original the graphics are colorful and retro-style. Game sounds and music are basic and suit the style, something which I personally find a little cheesy and loud, especially the falling through the portal scream when loading a map. The game itself is definitely an interesting challenge and remains true to its predecessor.

I think the main draw of this game is to bring back memories of those who loved playing the original version 32 years ago. This is a very family-friendly game (especially considering the multiplayer option) that could have two generations of gamers enjoying two generations of a game.


Dino Eggs: Rebirth is currently on Steam Greenlight and could use your love! If you’re a fan of single-screen platformer puzzle games, retro-style games, or played the original Dino Eggs game, keep an eye out for this one and go give it your vote. Also head to the official site for more info on the project.

Tl;dr –  Dino Eggs: Rebirth is a reboot of the original 1983 puzzle platformer that will please fans of the original as well as a new generation of gamers.  Despite a somewhat annoying cut-scene style, this game features unique mechanics that are challenging and require patience and planning.

Rating – 7/10

Greenlight – Vote Now!

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  1. This is David Schroeder, author of the original DINO EGGS — and designer for this revival DINO EGGS: REBIRTH. Thank you for taking a look at the new game!

    Please check out my “memoir” blog currently being featured on Gamasutra.com. There — I reveal many secrets about writing my 8-bit games like Crisis Mountain (1982) and Dino Eggs (1983) —


    And thank you for supporting classic retro games by voting for DINO EGGS: REBIRTH on Steam Greenlight:


    Best Wishes,
    David H Schroeder

  2. More of my “memoirs” featured on Gamasutra.

    How did I fit the original game “Dino Eggs” into 48K?

    Hint: It wasn’t easy.


  3. I’m proud to announce today’s release of DINO EGGS: REBIRTH — a full-featured revival of my original 33-year-old Apple II/Commodore 64 game DINO EGGS. It’s a labor of love with oodles of new features, puzzles, stories, and challenges.

    I reveal how I wrote DINO EGGS — and many other stories of my 8-bit days — in a series of Featured Posts on Gamasutra that begins here:

    “Dino Eggs: Rebirth” was just reviewed on BlackMuzik: Rated 8 (out of 10). “Dino Eggs created by the great David Schroeder is back to shine on its own.” (Translated from the Italian)

    From a game industry professional: “I’ve been playing the hell out of the game the past few nights. I’m having a blast with it. It’s very clear that a lot of love went into it… I’ve got only 64 stars and have a LOT more to go.”

    The game is for sale at http://www.DinoEggsRebirth.com — where you’ll also find videos and much more information. I hope you’ll check it out.

    Thanks for your time.

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