Let’s talk about … – The Room Three Will Be Here Soon

The Room series has become one of the more beloved mini-franchises in app gaming, a combination between the ultimate escape the room experience and an immersive digital narrative. The original game (The Room) was sort of an out-of-nowhere hit for developer Fireproof Games, and the follow-up (The Room Two) built on its predecessor’s success with a very similar format.


The third game in the series has been delayed a couple times throughout 2015, but now Fireproof has announced it’s coming soon, with the design complete and only testing and approval by Apple for iOS distribution holding it back. By the sound of the announcement, a late October or early November release appears likely, though it’s difficult to say with any degree of certainty.

If The Room Three does make it out for a 2015 release, it’ll likely immediately become one of the most popular and well-reviewed mobile games of the year. This is a tad presumptuous to say, but given the success of the first two games, as well as the similarity between them, it’s a fairly safe bet to expect Fireproof to deliver once again. And for the most part, the elements that have made these games so enjoyable are actually pretty simple.


First among these elements is pure, visual beauty. This has become a greater point of emphasis in the app gaming industry in general, as evidenced by Design Instruct’s list of the most beautiful iOS games. Most of these games are familiar titles that have at times risen to the top of the charts not necessarily because of complexity or gameplay, but because of aesthetic appeal (which isn’t to say some of them aren’t fantastic games as well). Neither of the two existing The Room games is mentioned on this list in particular, but this is the company these games are in, and in this regard at least we can already be sure that Fireproof has done it again. Earlier this year, TouchArcade published some screenshots from The Room Three, and the look is close to what players have grown used to.

Within its overall look, The Room series has also thrived by its nonstop use of basic tools and instruments of mysterious intrigue, long established in mystery and horror genres alike. Some of this even gets back to genre staples like Sherlock Holmes, known for a few little props that have since come to represent the very idea of mystery and detective-like exploration. Even a Sherlock Holmes slot machine game at Betfair taps into some of these basic props. Pipes, magnifying glasses and the like—pre-technological tools for work and recreation alike—take the place of typical slot machine icons, providing light touches that facilitate a detective atmosphere for players. The Room series has taken this same idea and run with it, its games populated with a dizzying array of Victorian era instruments. And this, too, is a very simple source of the games’ intrigue that will surely be repeated in satisfying fashion in its third version.


Finally, the other reason that The Room Three seems destined to thrive is that it really doesn’t have much responsibility on its shoulders in terms of narrative. While these games do follow a story, that story is intentionally vague, such that at this point a satisfying conclusion isn’t exactly the main goal of the average player. The story involves following a friend deeper into mysterious locations and alternate dimensions by way of allowing his cryptic notes to guide you through the game. But by the end of The Room Two, things have gotten so crazy that players will basically accept whatever’s tossed up as an ending or resolution. Basically, that means that whatever story is in The Room Three would have a hard time disappointing.

It should become clear in the next few weeks just when this game is coming. But in the meantime, players can safely anticipate yet another wonderful game from Fireproof.