Let’s take a look at … – Serious Jam: Last Sam Standing

Hello, my crazy indie gamers! Find yourself in a position of potentially being trampled by the wild? I’d rather not catch myself in such a roar … Get it? Heh? Anyway, you’d best be careful then in Serious Jam: Last Sam Standing, a side-scrolling arcade shooter from BigO! You can join in on this run-and-gun which is available on Game Jolt!

In Last Sam Standing, you control a character named Sam who, wielding dual handguns, must shoot incoming creatures before they trample him, or move the freak out of the way. While trying to avoid being trampled, Sam can also pick up one of his other brawny mates, the African or the Cowboy, who wields a cannon or machine gun, respectively … or yet another Sam. The longer the trio survives and the farther they go, the more points earned before death!

Along this deadly desert trip, you will encounter warthogs and what seem to be explosive, headless baboons (and if you get far enough, what seem to be green, walking alien brain robots, and possibly more) . There are also powerups surrounded by the dangerous creatures. Powerups include ‘Serious Speed’, ‘Slow Moo’, ‘Holy Sam’, and ‘Serious S–t’, which the first two of them actually speak for themselves—speed up or slow down time, respectively—as for the last two … from what I have been able to figure out, I believe ‘Serious S–t’ must spawn a varied number of mates before you … and ‘Holy Sam’ … makes your character(s) flash? Anyway, as you reach higher point levels, you unlock new things, such as achievements or new playable characters that you can pick up as you would the others.

If all this hasn’t gotten you excited yet, then maybe the retro 16-bit desert accompanied by the ‘Neolith’ background music track will do that job! Its graphic style works out smoothly and flows nicely throughout. While playing, you’ll hear satisfying splats and booms from those which you kill, or if you’re clumsy, those under your control … all with exciting . When you pick up one of your mates, they’ll greet you with various tough-guy responses, for example, the titular response ‘This is getting serious!’. Lastly, as you run over powerups, their distinctive themes play, such as ‘Holy Sam’ and its ‘Hallelujah’ chant.

Throughout my time playing Last Sam Standing, I think I’ve improved my skill at the game and have found it very addicting. It’s one of those things where when you die, you want to try again, and discover what lies further on. Most of what you find in-game, however, you have to either determine yourself or ask the developer, as to what each element does or means, such as the powerups, controls, and the wild creatures, for all of which information outside playing the game is nil. In order to figure out what each is or does, you would need to pay much attention to those details. Also, you will notice from time to time that you have either unlocked an achievement or a new character. In my experience, I have only figured out what the unlocking of a new character means—so far for me, just the 3-way shotgun guy—but still have not a clue what the achievements are for.

Since months after starting my review, it’s been quite a long trip: determining game after game how the elements work. The small game that it is, it’s still hardly ever an issue coming back for more. After all, I’d have yet another chance to do a some research and have some fun while at it. On the flip side of things, this seems to be a near-exact copy of the Android version, minus the Ranking system … so PC users are missing out, but still not too much. The lack of information and the size of Last Sam Standing are also bummers. In the first place, I have to wonder why there are achievements in the game. The only spots you ever see them are either in-game, when you earn the achievement—whatever it is you earned it for—and then in the game settings file, which contains all the statistics for overall game time—which none other than highest score are ever seen constantly in-game. Other features that lack are more options to select from the game’s menu, which only offers ‘Play’ and ‘Exit’ (again, no ‘Rankings’ for PC). There being statistics in the game, there should at least be a section for such and as well for the achievements, making them less pointless.  I also noticed that when you activate one of the speed-adjusting powerups, the frame rate will change—which is not generally good, according to a friend. But again, despite the lack of these features, Last Sam Standing is no doubt invigorating to go through multiple times!

Overall, Serious Jam: Last Sam Standing never fails to have invigorating gameplay! With its fluent environment and the exciting background tune, Last Sam Standing may have you going for multiple runs!

BigO’s risky boomer gets 7 exploding Sams out 10!

You can play the game for yourself here > http://gamejolt.com/games/shooter/serious-jam-last-sam-standing/27739/

Let’s take a look at … – Splee and Gløb

*Disclaimer – The version this review was based on was a playable prototype; the only release of the game to our knowledge*

“Splee and Gløb” is an action RTS/tower defence game developed by Frame 6. Based on the premise of a multiplayer tower defence game meets action RTS, frame 6 tries its best to engage you in the “lively and colourful” personality of the world and its characters. While undeniably cute, I feel it’s enough to compensate for the lacklustre gameplay.

The game offers both single player and co-op mode with characters Splee and Gløb taking the main stage. I started with the single player campaign in which you can switch between Splee and Gløb to make use of their unique abilities. There is only one playable map as of now as the game is still in development, however I believe even with a variation in setting the gameplay would continue to be underwhelming. It’s a shame because the world and characters are wonderfully unique and charming, but are let down by gameplay which no amount of cute aliens can compensate for.


As far as variation in gameplay goes, you start with all towers available with no upgrades or changes to their abilities throughout the entire game. This makes the game not only incredibly easy, but also repetitive as every wave is essentially the same. Not once in the whole campaign did I die or fail a section, even when I carelessly ran out into the oncoming waves to shoot them in the face. You just line tight corridors with towers, hide in your base (or walk into the incoming horde) and wait for the round to end.

This style of play did not improve as I reached the co-op mode and ended with my friend and I sighing as the last wave ended without even a glimpse of a challenge.


Overall the game, in its current state, struck me as poorly-designed and over-ambitious, with some serious flaws in its basic mechanics and gameplay. Add to that no options menu for sound or graphical settings, no variation in gameplay and no interesting core dynamic at work, Splee and Gløb was disappointing after looking so potentially promising.

This game currently scores a measly 4/10.While looking charming, it offers hollow and slow gameplay which needs some real work; I wouldn’t recommend the game in its current state.

Let’s take a look at … – 21 Dice

21 Dice is a mobile game developed by BitStern for both Android and IOS devices. To its credit it’s cute and intelligent but provides the consumer with no more than a slightly above average experience.

Although miles better than most of the drivel available for your mobile device, 21 Dice falls into an unpopular category so you’d be forgiven for having never heard about it. If you liked the insanely popular 2048 you may enjoy this as well as both games are based around the generally thoughtless and repetitive addition of numbers.

The aim of the game is simple; you add dice together to reach the number 21. If you go over that number, that dice it out. You get 3 dice each go and the goal is to reach 21 as many times as possible. The premise is really simple and I feel it could have been made more addictive with greater effort. The repetitive nature means you get bored quickly and even the various other game modes don’t do much to liven the atmosphere.

The interface serves its purpose but could greatly benefit from a rework. Graphics are basic and don’t really help with overall lack of production value. It’s definitely a case of function over form.


I wasn’t a fan of the soundtrack, I think it sounds cheap and got highly irritating after listening to it for a long period of time. It’s also impossible to play your own music whilst using the app meaning your options are the soundtrack or silence.

Overall this game is solidly OK. It neither fails nor particularly exceeds anywhere. If you’re into this type of game I’m sure it will satisfy your cravings, at least until the next craze is released. I’d say it’s worth a go on the basis that it’s free, but this game as a whole isn’t anything to get too excited about.

As an Indie Gamer must I will rate the game 6/10; a slightly above average experience. For me it loses points for lack of originality and not really holding my interest. Here’re some links to get the game yourself.

Play now on IOS

Play now on Android

Let’s take a look at … – Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Five Nights at Freddy’s seemingly came out of nowhere, taking the psychological horror genre by storm. With many teasers released on Cawthons website, the second one has finally been released. As if we haven’t been emotionally wrecked by the ‘scariest indie game so far’, there are more features in this prequel that make your life just that bit harder.

Both games have been created in the Clickteam Fusion engine, which makes it stand out graphically. Clickteam Fusion is a 2D game creator, in which many puzzle type games and phone apps have been created. Considering the characters all look 3D but are in fact a 2D image just shows that Cawthon knows exactly how to get his hands around this engine.

Despite it being made in this way, the graphics and art-style are incredibly smooth and clear. To have characters jumping down a corridor at you and just attacking generally just makes the production even more impressive, and that’s just the game itself. We haven’t even got onto the gameplay yet!


The game starts off with a cut scene that shows you inside the head of one of the animatronics, we have every right to assume its Freddy at this point. You look left and right at both old Bonny and Chica, who are staring back at you. It’s as creepy as it sounds don’t you worry. After that the screen goes blank, and you’re back in the office ready to be a security guard… and defend yourself from psychotic robots.

The layout of the game is a lot bigger than its predecessor. There are many more party rooms, the stage where the new animatronics perform, there’s Kid Cove; a place for the toddlers to build their own friend , prize corner, and the spare parts room which is where the old animatronics reside…
In all of these rooms you have a camera and a torch. You shine the torch to see the animatronics who will be hiding in the shadows most of the time. You have to flick between these cameras to see how close they are in comparison to the office. The sheer amount of cameras is overloading, as there are more to check than the previous game. There are more blind spots too. The vents to your left and right have lights on them because the animatronics more often than not will crawl through there. There’s also a fairly large corridor ahead of you that is pitch black and has no cameras in. You have to shine your torch down there to see if there are any animatronics that may decide to run at you.

There’s the additional terror of no doors. No doors to protect you. None. So you need to find other means of protection. Of course the phone guy, voiced by the creator Scott Cawthon, tells you everything you need to know about defending yourself from them. And how do you do that? You put on a Freddy Fazbear head so that they think you’re one of them. How sweet. You also flash your torch at them, as if they are a small vulnerable animal that is scared by flashing lights. We all know this isn’t the case but it seems to hold them off for long enough. They aren’t the safety of a door but they’ll do.


You thought fighting off four or five animatronics was difficult right? And that was with doors. Well try fighting off eleven all at once. In the latest instalment there are six new characters: the toy versions of the originals, ‘mangle’, BB (or balloon boy) and the Marionette. The reason they come into your office is because in the day time they are surrounded by people, so are attracted to them. At night you are the only person left, so they want to play with you. There’s also mention of a criminal database, where the animatronics protect the children from criminals. There’s many theories surrounding this and why they come and attack you, but that’s for another time. Needless to say, these new characters are just as terrifying as the old ones, and they all try to kill you… again.

The ‘toy animatronics’ are basically kid friendly versions of the originals. They have a very cartoon like art style to them and have also become a lot more feminine. All the animatronics have been given this new lease of life, and look so much more professionally made than the other ones. When I say the characters have been feminised, Bonnie, who we assumed was a male, has been given lashings of eye shadow and mascara. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that in the teaser we were given, everyone assumed that he was a she. Chica is fairly sexualised in this new one, as far as an animatronic chicken can be sexualised anyway, wearing hot-pants and a crop top/bib thing.

I guess this is what the fan base asked for with it’s very, VERY strange fan fictions and art based on the game, but we won’t go into that just now. Freddy looks as menacing as ever, despite the reboot, but the cartoon art style does make him look a bit like a balloon. You kind of just want to go over there and pop him to get him out of the corridor. As far as I know, the new animatronics do barely anything on night four, but up to night 3 they’re fairly active.

Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘Where is my favourite fox from pirate bay?’ Foxy is indeed my favourite animatronic and this will continue through the new game (You should have seen the look of delight on my face when I saw him coming down the corridor; I guess I have a thing for underdogs). ‘Mangle’ is essentially toy Foxy. She, yes she, lives in Kid Cove and sits there making a static like noise. The story behind the Marionette is that she used to play with the toddlers in Kid Cove, but they would eventually end up being torn apart by them. She cost too much to be put back together each time so they made her into a sort of ‘build your own’ game where the kids will take her apart and put her back together. Did I mention that she walks on the roof yet? Mangle crawls towards you on the roof.

I personally love this concept, because it’s making you look in places you wouldn’t expect the animatronics to be. Who would expect Mangle to be crawling on the roof? I know I didn’t. It was the static noise that gave away that she was in the room. It’s also adding a whole new theory to ‘the bite of 87’ story. Was it Mangle? Was it old Foxy? We don’t know. My love for Mangle carries on because she is one of the only rebooted animatronics that does something on night four, other than BB and the Marionette. The idea that she climbs on the roof is so new and versatile, that no one was expecting it.


Although the rebooted animatronics are fairly dormant, BB, the Marionette and Mangle are always active as well as the old ones. BB works the same as any of the other animatronics, you put on the Freddy Fazbear head to get rid of him etc. But when he gets into the office, he doesn’t kill you. He just stands there, staring into your soul and giggling at the fact he has turned off the electricity in your room and basically caused your death. This new dynamic is the equivalent of the electricity turning off in the previous game. You can’t turn on any of the lights, including the torch and the cameras are turned off too. The problem with BB is that he talks to you. This means there is a warning for when he is in the vents but having a small child’s voice echo down some vents is fairly disconcerting. The Marionette is an additional new dynamic. To keep it at bay, you have to play a music box.

The Marionette is a jack in the box style character, so you have to stop him from jumping out and killing you. The idea behind this is that it makes sure you keep looking at the camera, rather than just focusing all of the attention on your office. Winding it up also gives your enemies time to sneak into your office and give you a good ol’ jump scare when you come out of your monitor.  The story behind both of these characters is fairly unknown right now. It’s been suggested that the Marionette was the cause of the bite of ’87, or is a hallucination. Nothing has been confirmed yet though. The Marionette is featured in some mini games that pop up. There are several mini games that happen as a result of you dying. One is the Marionette preventing children from crying… or dying but we’ll keep the idea friendly for now, one is the Marionette giving people presents and another is Freddy chasing the Marionette. The graphics for these mini-games are reminiscent of old arcade games. They could reveal the story behind the Marionette if completed properly. So far the idea of these games are unknown also.

I’d like to also mention the improvement of the noises that you hear in the game. In the first game there wasn’t much noise, except for the table fan, the closing of doors, the movement of Chica in the kitchen, the piercing scream before you’re brutally murdered… In this game you get so much more! And with more sound comes more tension. To start off with, the animatronics make more noise when they move around. So you know when they’re in a vent or when they’ve left the room etc. They still scream at you as an attack, but the new animatronics talk to you. They seemingly say hello to you in a child’s voice. Furthermore there’s an eerie noise that plays when you have an enemy in a vent or in the corridor ahead of you. Yeah it’s more of a warning than the previous game but it’s also scary as anything. There’s nothing more fear inducing than knowing that there’s something sinister right in front of you, but your torch jamming up so that you’re unable to see it. The new sounds in the game are great sources of tension and fear, and are brilliant additions to the game.


Overall, the FNAF 2 has been as big a hit as the original; you could even say it’s much bigger. Since it became number one on Steam greenlight, the anticipation has not died down. Now it’s here and it’s brilliant. It’s unknown how Cawthon was able to pull off his fantastically idea a second time, but he has. By adding so many new features, he has kept the players on their toes throughout the whole build up to the game and its release, both through teasers and in game mechanics. There’s not a moment of peace in that game, which keeps the game flowing perfectly and the tension never ends. I can safely say that the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” games are in my top ten, and will keep a place in my heart for a very long time. I can’t wait to see what Scott Cawthon comes up with next, but to top this game will be difficult.

Let’s take a look at … – Crystal Story 2

Are all of the apps you spend minutes of your life downloading boring the hell out of you? Are you finding it hard to just sit back and play an enjoyable game that keeps you entertained? Well then you better check out crystal story II because it’s everything you want! Sometimes I feel like I can no longer enjoy games because it is the same thing over and over again.

Crystal Story II is just oozing and absolutely overflowing with everything you want in an RPG, it has everything from amazing cut-scenes to a beautiful and colourful story line. It is definitely one of the best RPG games I have played in a long time. The team of awesome developers that put this game together have done an overall excellent job.

Crystal Story II tells the tale of a young hero who works with a wide range of characters battling against an evil witch (hey, what would a game be like without someone evil in it) Fans of Chrono Trigger will just fall in love with Crystal Story 2’s approach to the way the game is set out, from battles to scenery.

The fights themselves are fast paced and interesting thanks to the different amount of ways you can customize your character and do super awesome things like summon or train a pet creature to help you in your battles. The scenery within itself is just magical.


Replay value isn’t something people intend for at the end of a RPG game, but Crystal Story II definitely has that value involved. Map designs are completely randomized for a unique play through each time( like Pokémon dungeon) , which I always found intriguing as a kid and still do to this day, I love the concept, even once you finish the game there is always more and more to do.

The depth of this game is just perfect, indie developer Emmanuel Salva Cruz has done an excellent job and wish him the best with his future. I really enjoyed this game as I said before and you should definitely check it out, I guarantee you will enjoy it as much as I do.


I give it an easy 9/10.

Let’s take a look at … – Robocraft

Robocraft has similar mechanics to games like World of Tanks or War Thunder. You have one life in any battle, and you have to repair your vehicle if it is damaged in combat. There is however one VERY big difference; you get to build your own robot. Yes, that’s right, you get to build your own war machine and then drive it to battle against other war machines that other people built!

This game is ridiculously addictive. I spent a good 6 hours a day over last weekend just grinding out this game attempting to unlock new parts, and there are A LOT of new parts you can unlock. You can build anything you want, customization is virtually unlimited; want a tank the shape of a star that shoots lasers? You can do that! Want a giant wall with mortar cannons on the side of it with a giant smiley face? You can do that! You can practically build anything you think of, providing you don’t run out of blocks or hit the block limit called Pflops.

Upon entering the game for the first time I was very surprised. People are able to build anything, and it was shocking to see that there were no tanks in the shape of penises or swastikas in sight! I was expecting to see a few in the lower tiers but no; people actually take this game seriously, and they should because it is a very well designed, optimised game with decent servers. It is also receiving frequent updates from its developers at FreeJam.

As I was playing this game without a GPU at the time, it was pleasant to see how well it ran on just the Intel HD graphics in my Pentium processor. If you have computer that’s less than 3 years old you can play this game at playable frame rates at low settings. Once I obtained a spare GPU it ran even better. Even on a cheap £45 Graphics card the game can easily be bumped to the highest settings for 60 frames per second. Sure, the graphics aren’t the best, but considering this is a game that isn’t from a AAA developer like valve or EA Games, the optimisation is fantastic!

This game is picking up a lot of steam. As it frequently has over 20,000 players online and with big YouTubers such as STAR_ doing a game play video, more people are expected to download this game on steam, by the way guys, it’s free!

Many games in the same situation as Robocraft are blatantly Pay to win. This is especially true with games such as Ghost Recon: Phantoms and March of War, where it’s impossible to get a decent experience without plunging into your wallet to buy micro-transactions. Robocraft does have micro-transactions, however they are not necessary for a good experience. Even if you decide to not pay a penny into the game, you still have all unlocks available to you. However, if you do decide to pay up a little, (I’m a little guilty for doing this) you will unlock things faster; not only that, your premium status will give everyone in your team a small boost to the in game currency that they unlocked from the battle (Green coins) so it’s a win/win! So consider it a pay-to-win faster game, and trust me, it’s worth it if you are able to afford it!

Entering the game takes a while, boot time for the game is still in upwards of 1 minute, once you’re finally in the game however you’ll be plonked into a garage style area. (Note: this area has naturally low frame rates so don’t worry). It’s here that you can start building, and view a tutorial if you wish. There’s a pre-built robot for everyone to build upon if they want a battle ready robot as quick as possible, however I’d recommend building one for the experience and so that you can learn from your mistakes.

There is very limited customization in the first tier, with only ground tanks and SMG’s available. You can build any shape you want at this tier, however tiers 2 and 3 see unlocks of alternative weapons such as Plasma mortars and hover blades so you can make a plane! You fully unlock the ability to use any type of robot at about tier 7 when you unlock spiders’ legs.

Once you’ve created your tank fighting is easy; simply click B and you’re in a battle. Wait times are approximately 5 seconds on making this review, and maps don’t take longer than 3 seconds to load so you’re never waiting around! Great for impatient people like me! Gameplay is similar to WOT, one life in each game, equal amount of team members, so people who have played WOT may feel at home with this game.

Sadly there is only one game mode with two ways to win; either kill the enemy team, or stand on their capture point for a set amount of time to win. It’s a shame that there aren’t modes such as CTF or standard King of the Hill, however this game is in its baby stages so there’s no saying different modes won’t be added in the future! The game is generally well balanced when it comes to fighting. There are 10 tiers and you can only fight people in the same tier as you. You are however able to take a tier 4 rail cannon into tier 1; people who do this are considered “trollbotting” and to be honest I’ve done it several times and it’s so damn fun to take an overpowered cannon into battle.

The music in this game is beautiful and serene. Most games of this type would probably have raging, badly produced death metal at stupid volumes forced down your ears, but no; Robocraft has opted for some minimalistic style music with a relaxing feel, and the battle music is quite good too! If only the sound effects were as good as the music. The voice overs sound like you’re scraping a carrot across a radiator and the noises of the guns and the movement of the vehicles sound like they’re from a sci-fi movie from the 1930’s; work needs to be done on these!

All in all, this game is very fun and addictive, and I only have very minor complaints about the game. It’s very addictive and is brilliantly optimised. A few things could be done about the SFX and tier systems, but it works fine. It’s also FREE TO PLAY ON STEAM so go out and get it! And if you have spare money, throw money at the screen to buy premium!!!!

Let’s take a look at … – Wolfgang Fights the Future

Upon entering the game you are presented with the main menu. It is very easy to navigate, the buttons around the menu are easily identifiable so you’re easily able to change your settings and the music to your desire. Upon clicking Play game you are given two options; Story and survival mode. In the main campaign the story is quite comical but rather unique; Mozart must fight the army of Jean-Pierce, who has travelled back in time to kill Mozart to prevent him from publishing music that helped spark the ideas of the French revolution, and this would in turn give Jean-Pierce total control of France!

Inside the game, the main fighting and unlock mechanics are very addictive and fun, however they are quite generic with a button mashing feel to them; spamming C and X while using the arrow keys to move will practically kill anyone around you. There’s just very little tactic to this and this ruins some aspect of the game for me. Another criticism I have is with the controls. They’re fine on themselves but you are unable to change them or do any key binding, so if someone dislikes the control layout they may have a hard time adjusting to them; some controls are tedious to use. To move down a level you must press down then hold x, and in this fast-paced game where if you don’t move you’re dead instantly; it isn’t worth using. The unlocks in the game are very useful as you can upgrade your max HP, speed, power, you can unlock a special ability and you can have a magnet to collect coins, potions and bird seed are also available, although everything in the game that can be unlocked is useful, I feel like the shop needs a little bit more added to it to make the game-play better and introduce new playing styles and tactics. New weapons would be a good unlock.

The progression in the story is challenging, with considerably more enemies to grind though on each level you may find yourself punching your fist through the monitor every-time you miss-click. On the later waves a miss-click or two will kill you, and this can get relatively annoying. However after a while of playing you will get used to the controls so killing masses of Frenchmen on rooftops will be no problem after 30-40 minutes of playing! You will have to kill more French people than you might imagine; the chances of you completing the campaign on the first run are very slim. Getting to the final round and completing it means you will have to try and take minimal damage, manage your money and concentrate quite well, because if you don’t have enough potions on the final wave you’re guaranteed to die. But hey, you have infinite live so dying is okay!

Your bird companion in this game can be helpful, however you have a lack of control over what he does; he will attack and possibly kill any enemy on the screen at random. This is great, however if you’re keeping one enemy alive to collect coins he can get annoying.

The survival mode of the game is exactly that; one life, a potentially infinite amount of gun wielding French soldiers from the future and a Mozart. It is fun for 20 minutes before it simply gets boring. If you have a short concentration spam or cannot focus on something repetitive for a long time then Survival is not the best game mode for you.

The last thing I’d like to talk about is the music. I think it’s incredible that they managed to get some of Mozart’s well known pieces into an 8 bit style without bodging it up, and it brings change and makes this game even more unique in a world where every other indie game has the same generic 8 bit techno style of music. The only problem I have with the music is that it’s quite repetitive. There’s a limited amount of songs and you find yourself repeating the playlist quite frequently, however this may be to no fault of the developers as this could have been a technical limitation, if it is, fair enough, if it isn’t and the company have enough funding for it, the addition to an extended playlist for the game would improve it greatly

Overall this game is very fun and addictive with a unique and funny storyline to it, and an equally unique style of music that matches the main character and just generally sounds pleasant. The controls can be a bit fiddly, the music gets to be repetitive and the game-play is somewhat generic, but put all this aside and it is a very fun indie game to play in your spare time that will give you a nice challenge.

The game gets a score of 7.5/10 from me!


Let’s take a look at … – Rock Zombie

Rock Zombie is a 3D Side-scrolled, kickass zombie murdering styled arcade game. If you love metal and smashing zombies with guitars; this one’s for you. Quaternion Studio have produced a really good game that deserves to be recognized for what it is.

Well the title of the game explains pretty much what you have got yourself into when you load up ‘Rock Zombie’. Rock music that Roars through your headphones, flames and more flames, Rock chick band members that cave zombie heads in with brute force using their favorite guitar, Motorbikes and an original idea.

When I write a review I like to note everything from music through to how many times I could play the game, but when I was playing Rock Zombie I was so enraptured in the gameplay that I slowly drifted away from the sound and all of those small little things that I didn’t really care about while playing the game. The sound of the game had included all of the effects from the guitar swinging through objects to zombies blowing up after their reincarnated bodies slowly drifted back to where they belong and most importantly heavy music that kept you in the mood to play the game.

The story is very straightforward and designed in a really fun comic strip. The story is about three females that are in a band that is obviously struggling to get noticed in the rock scene. They attend a concert and the next thing you know, you are involved in the biggest apocalypse in metal history.

The Graphics really surprised me in this game, I really didn’t have too high expectations for the graphics when I was looking at the preview, but you can tell that Quaternion Studio tried to make the players graphical experience the best they could when they were designing the game. Even though when I play most side-scrolled arcade fashioned games, the graphic side of things don’t bother me too much but I really enjoyed the 3D graphics for a change.

The gameplay at times did feel a bit jagged and laggy, but do not let this get you down! The game controls were very simple! Yay for simple controls, this means if you want to destroy zombies it makes things a whole lot easier and enjoyable for you. The levels didn’t feel too lengthy, which sometimes in my opinion can really destroy a good game. All the levels included the basic needs (health refills and all of that stuff). I really enjoyed the gameplay experience. I honestly will keep playing this game over, and over for days.

Quaternion Studio I would just like to say thank you for putting together such a wicked game and wish you the best in the future. In my opinion I really enjoyed the game and for the price it is selling for it is definitely worth it. You will endure hours of endless fun. Everything about the game just made it feel so right. I easily give this game a 7.5/10.

If you are interested in buying this game please check it out at www.rockzombiegame.com

Reviewed By Ben Duncombe

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Let’s take a look at … – Spandex Force: Champion Rising

I must say I was very, very impressed with ‘Champion Rising’. It was like the time Charlie found the golden ticket in the chocolate bar, totally unexpected. As soon as the game started up I instantly fell in love with ‘Champion Rising’. It has everything a good puzzle/RPG game should have. Fun puzzles, Story lines and Quests. Even the shady looking characters are pretty cool.

Champion Rising is a really fun game that people from any age group would like, and it keeps you entertained for as long as you want it too. I enjoyed every second of the game, from character creation through to the quests. The storyline is one of those cheesy set out story lines that you like for no apparent reason.

The control and gameplay was very straight forward that even my mother; whom doesn’t even know how to use a TV remote, would of understood it perfectly fine. There is no confusing mechanism that you need to remember to play the game or to even understand what is happening. It is a very simple game and sometimes it is the simple things that make a game work.

The graphics were very nostalgic and reminded of a few games I played on my old Sega console as a kid. The graphics are very cartoonish with lots of detail. Sometimes, it kind of bugged me how much detail went into the cartoon graphics but I learned to accept that I’m a writer not a game developer so hey, who am I to judge. Overall though I was impressed with how they set the game and graphics out. The music was definitely on the superhero side of things and fitted in very well with the theme of the game.

I must admit I really enjoyed playing ‘Champion Rising’ a lot and I did not find too many downfalls to say I don’t like the game; in fact I actually love it. If your looking for a fun puzzle game that will keep you amused for long periods of time and doesn’t need to much attention to play, we’ll this game is definitely worth a shot but I’m not saying this game is for everyone. It is currently available on android and windows PC, it is set to be released on the mac soon.

I would rate it 6.8/10 as an android game.

Ben Duncombe

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Let’s take a look at … – Lost Orbit

Hello, my lovely indie gamers! Have you ever been lost in space? Hey, neither have I … and thank God for that! However, you’ll get your turn soon enough as this hopeless space mechanic from Lost Orbit, an outer-space obstacle course game from the PixelNAUTS studio! Currently available only as a playable demo, the game is in the process of joining other action or arcade games on Steam for PC!

As said once already, in Lost Orbit, you play as a guy lost in space. Other than on the game’s ABOUT page, there is no story you’ll find within the demo, especially not that his name is Harrison. The goal is to lead Harrison home, via a drag-style obstacle course, in which you must avoid gliding asteroids and machinery. Along the path are obtainium that you can collect to purchase upgrades (not available in the demo, however).

As you travel, you will encounter these obstacles that you must avoid flying into, along with the wall-like barriers the asteroids form. If you find yourself on the wrong edge of the course (even when trying to avoid other obstacles), you can fly towards the edge and you’ll end up on the opposite side via the game’s screen-wrap.

Getting into the game, you are accompanied by ambient electronic music and the cell-shaded graphic environment (if you don’t know what cell-shading is, refer to Borderlands’ graphics). At ‘Amazing!’ graphics, well, the setting says it all. The environment looks just that! Even at ‘Ok’ graphics, all you get is a slight blur on areas of surroundings and less anti-aliasing (better rounded edges), and still looks great! As for the music, it suits the mood. After all, I wouldn’t think Harrison’s in too much of a hurry, especially when the later he gets home, the fewer pieces he’ll be in! And, as said before, within the demo itself you will not find any story, and in the case of the demo, it’s not very relevant to the gameplay offered.

Acknowledging that Lost Orbit is not yet available, other than as a playable demo, there are a lot of things I personally could not comment on. The visuals and audio are fit for this kind of game. The controls are also fluid. My only real complaint is that turning gets a tiny bit touchy sometimes, even on my controller, but that may just be user error. I do await the full version, as the demo doesn’t offer everything, but as far as I am concerned with the demo, it’s got it’s gears (in a good way)!

Originally, I felt obligated to check out and review this game for something to do, then I wondered if I’d really get into it much. When I found how difficult the levels and their checkpoints progress to be, it annoyed me a bit, but I channeled that feeling into determination to retry the part again, whether I’d take a new or the same approach, or just avoid it. Really, the desire to come back for more really got me into it. The gradual difficulty of levels 1 and 2 inspired me to check out the last level just to see how far more difficult it’d be! On top of the amazing visuals and relaxing music, it’s rewarding to try over and over.

In all ado, the demo of Lost Orbit gives what the full version plans to bring, including focus on RPG elements, quite the curious potential, and so I’d deem it worth the play! With amazing visuals and its outer space setting, with a background of relaxing music, the gradual difficulty and reward will pull you back into its orbit for more!

PixelNAUTS’ outer-space obstacle course gets 9 splats out of 10!