Let’s talk about … – Grab a knife, the bread is ready. Bossa’s I Am Bread has risen out of early access!

After spending a few months in early access, in which time it received a constant stream of updates and fresh content, I Am Bread is ready!

To mark the occasion, Bossa have released a bunch of fresh-baked environments:

  • Gas Station – Toaster + gas = good idea … right?
  • Car – Who knew bread could drive? Well, it probably can’t, but it’s worth a try. What could go wrong? This epilogue also includes a hidden secret. Can you find it?
  • Tutorial – The movement of an animated slice of bread is … unique. Brush up on your control skills with this tutorial.

All in all, I Am Bread now offers six areas and five crazy game modes. Lots of toasting action to be had if you have the required skill needed to manoeuvre a slice of bread across multiple environments. With a compelling narrative driving the madness, I Am Bread is a fresh and unique title for those of you into your crazy-ass, control driven games.

The full release also sees the title offer Steam achievements and trading cards so you can showcase your bread skills. There has also been a great deal of game re-balancing based on feedback gained form early access. So if you have the game and haven’t played in a while it would be worth re-checking out. Even if your bread controlling skills are rusty, the new Magic Marmalade jar will help you out. Just smash the jar to remove the grip and edibility meters.

I Am Bread is available on Steam priced at £9.99/€12.99/$12.99, but for early purchasers there is a 25% discount for the first week. Check out the launch trailer below, and for more information on the title visit the official site. Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you our I Am Bread review shortly!

Let’s talk about … – Surgeon Simulator certifies over 2 million!

Massive News for indie Development team -Bossa Studio’s as their title Surgeon Simulator reaches Two Million Sales with its barbaric medical practices and questionable patients.

Commenting on this landmark achievement Surgeon General Henrique Olifiers had this to say:

“Thanks to everyone who has played Surgeon Simulator and made it such a global success. It has been really amazing to see this title go from a game jam project to a full release across multiple formats and is testament to the originality and creativity we nurture here at Bossa Studios.”

In celebration of this feat, gamers itching to try their hand at major surgery can now scrub up and get their hands dirty with a 50% reduction of prices for the rest of the week (04/02/15), available on steam and IOS.

I managed to get my hands on a copy of surgeon simulator and I tried my best to transplant a heart, no biggie…

After a number of “incidents” where Bob wouldn’t make it through the minor surgery, I finally managed to perform the transplant and received an overall grade of D; which seeing that I have no previous medical knowledge I’d say it went rather well.

The game doesn’t end with just some basic transplants. As you work your way through a range of “Exotic” patients, you may find the title is riddled with bacteria like Easter eggs which are both detailed and perfectly linked with a collection of gaming titles.

Sounds great right? Get your hands on Surgeon simulator yourself over on steam at – http://store.steampowered.com/app/233720/ and IOS – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/surgeon-simulator/id814977594?mt=8&dm_i=XF5,35UFQ,J1MK2Q,BBW7X,1.

****For those coming for the competition to win a key:****
Leave a comment with your favorite body part to remove in Surgeon Simulator!
Make sure the name you comment under is your Twitter name so we can contact you if you win.
The key will be a Steam Key and will awarded to a random comment on Sunday 8th February.