Let’s take a look at … – Coffin Dodgers

The feisty elderly residents of a retirement community weren’t going to just accept the Grim Reaper’s threat to come collect them in three days, challenging him instead to mobility scooter races to escape his grasp. This amused Death, so the top 7 residents take to the town streets in this amusing kart game by Milky Tea Studios.


Story mode begins with you choosing one of the 7 quirky characters, each with a unique back story. 13 races are divided among 4 areas of increasing difficulty, the Village, Town, Farm, and Graveyard, with the final race (the Showdown) combining all areas. In order to advance between areas, you must rank above your elderly competitors. If you wind up at the bottom of the pack, your soul will be taken.  Higher placement in the pack also means more rewards, which gives you the ability to upgrade your scooter. Better engines, weapons, and other perks are available for the right cost, helping you advance through the more difficult environments.

Gameplay is typical of traditional kart games. During the race, you need to avoid environmental hazards and have a good handle on your acceleration and braking to manage the many curves in the road. Each lap offers several chances at picking up items to help you protect yourself, speed up, or attack other racers. Oil spills, rocket boosts, shields, guns, and more are available if you drive through the item marker in the road. You can only carry one at a time, so timing is important. You also have a melee attack available, which can be charged up. If someone is aiming for you, you will see warning symbols to give you the chance to avoid the attack. Survive four laps around each track and advance to the next race, upgrading your scooter along the way.


Other game modes are available including time trial, quick race, and open world options, including exploration and a game where you have to find an item in the map within a set time. Multiplayer has both online lobby and local multiplayer options. Unfortunately, the game is too new to really have anyone else available in the lobby, but maybe that will change as more play the game.

Controls are sensitive. I tried playing both with a controller and keyboard, and keyboard is impossible for me. Some of the attacks are hard for me to coordinate, but generally, the controls are as-expected for this type of game. Graphics are simple, colorful, and cute with maps that are bright and cartoony. I’m a bit of a grammar-nazi and found a type-o in the opening story, which annoyed me a little, but overall, the game is well-polished.


One complaint I have and saw that the others have, is for the cost ($10.99 on Steam), this is a bit of a short game. Especially since online multiplayer is dead in the water right now, there isn’t too much to offer once all the races are beaten. If this goes on sale, though, it’s worth a buy if you like kart games.

Tl;dr – Coffin Dodgers is a unique twist on kart games where your elderly scooter racer avoids Death’s grip by ranking high in races around town.  Upgrade your mobility scooter to help you advance through harder races and show the Grim Reaper who’s boss.  This game has potential but the price is a little on the high side for how short it is.

Rating – 7/10

Purchase – Steam £8.99 ($10.99)

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