Let’s take a look at … – Alien Robot Monsters

I’ve always had a bit of a problem sticking with tower defense games. Sure, it’s fun for a little while, but then the game gets either too overwhelming or is too boring to keep my interest. Finally, a game worth my attention! Introducing Alien Robot Monsters by Kraftix Games, a game well-deserving of its 100% rating on Steam. This game is also available through the Apple Store and Google Play for you mobile gamers out there. Let’s take a look.


Starting with a simple tutorial, this space-colony-themed game begins with the basics of building towers. Upgrades are explained and it’s quite easy to get into the game right away. It has a bit of an RPG-type upgrade system, where stars are earned based on how well you defend your map, and those stars can be spent on different types of global upgrades for your weapons, health, and troops. As you progress through the levels in the game, other towers are unlocked in a skill-tree style manner, allowing many layers of updates in your game. There are so many options to choose from, the game never gets boring, even while you’re out of scrap (the game’s currency) waiting for the next wave of alien robots to come through the lanes.

One thing I loved about this game was the combination of graphics and audio/voice acting. The 16-bit style graphics are bright and colorful and very detailed. I love seeing my tiny little troops walk out from their tower to defend their colony. Reactions to button selections upgrades are witty and funny comments from the soldiers themselves. Somehow the repetition never gets old, when that’s normally something that would irritate me about a game.


The menu system is clear and helpful, allowing you to use your earned stars to help your become more powerful and survive longer. There are informative tree-style maps of the different towers and their unlocked upgrades. Enemies have informative screens as well, so you can decide the best type of tower to counter-act their specific skills and defenses.

When I found out I could download this game to my iPhone for free (with optional in-game purchases), I tried it out there too. Same game, great graphics, even on my small screen. This game is a steal at $5.99 on Steam, but if you want to get a feel for it first, download it to your smart phone and give it a try. I think it’s much more fun to play on a big screen so you can see all the details easily.


Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who loves tower defense games, and to gamers who feel like they can’t find a tower defense game worth their time. The combination of price, graphics, audio bits, and fantastic upgrade system make this game one of my favorites I’ve tried so far!

Tl;dr – Alien Robot Monsters is a fun tower defense game that won’t bore you!  Thanks to fun graphics, interesting upgrade systems, and a price that can’t be beat, this winner from Kraftix Games is one you should definitely get for your game library.

Rating – 9.5/10

Purchase – Steam £4.79/$5.99

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Let’s take a look at … – Splee and Gløb

*Disclaimer – The version this review was based on was a playable prototype; the only release of the game to our knowledge*

“Splee and Gløb” is an action RTS/tower defence game developed by Frame 6. Based on the premise of a multiplayer tower defence game meets action RTS, frame 6 tries its best to engage you in the “lively and colourful” personality of the world and its characters. While undeniably cute, I feel it’s enough to compensate for the lacklustre gameplay.

The game offers both single player and co-op mode with characters Splee and Gløb taking the main stage. I started with the single player campaign in which you can switch between Splee and Gløb to make use of their unique abilities. There is only one playable map as of now as the game is still in development, however I believe even with a variation in setting the gameplay would continue to be underwhelming. It’s a shame because the world and characters are wonderfully unique and charming, but are let down by gameplay which no amount of cute aliens can compensate for.


As far as variation in gameplay goes, you start with all towers available with no upgrades or changes to their abilities throughout the entire game. This makes the game not only incredibly easy, but also repetitive as every wave is essentially the same. Not once in the whole campaign did I die or fail a section, even when I carelessly ran out into the oncoming waves to shoot them in the face. You just line tight corridors with towers, hide in your base (or walk into the incoming horde) and wait for the round to end.

This style of play did not improve as I reached the co-op mode and ended with my friend and I sighing as the last wave ended without even a glimpse of a challenge.


Overall the game, in its current state, struck me as poorly-designed and over-ambitious, with some serious flaws in its basic mechanics and gameplay. Add to that no options menu for sound or graphical settings, no variation in gameplay and no interesting core dynamic at work, Splee and Gløb was disappointing after looking so potentially promising.

This game currently scores a measly 4/10.While looking charming, it offers hollow and slow gameplay which needs some real work; I wouldn’t recommend the game in its current state.