Let’s take a look at … Dino Eggs: Rebirth

We all know the movie industry is rife with reboots, prequels, and sequels. Well, it happens with video games too! Back in 1983 a puzzle platformer called Dino Eggs, created by David H Schroeder, was released for Apple II, Commodore 64, and IBM PC. Years later, the result of an international effort including original author David, a sequel has been released and is awaiting your votes on Steam Greenlight. Let’s take a look at Dino Eggs: Rebirth.


The original Dino Eggs was received to great praise, so for our OG gamers out there seeing the return of the title will undoubtedly bring a flood of nostalgia and familiarity. For those of us who haven’t played the original, Rebirth features an introductory back-story tying the original game to the new bringing us up to speed.

The protagonist in this reboot is the daughter of the original, Time Master Tim, reminding me a little of Tron and Tron Legacy. You play Tamara, and your goals are in line with those of the original: avoid enemies while collecting dino eggs and other items (some of them new to this reboot) to teleport to the future for research.


The game starts by guiding you through a few training levels, teaching you how to perform certain movements and how to collect eggs and baby dinos. Careful platforming and planning is required to uncover and carry items to portals. Only three eggs can be carried at a time, and once you send those to the future, you will show up somewhere else on the map, sometimes directly in harm’s way. If you’re injured, you can heal by standing in front of one of the portals. You have three lives to clear the map, otherwise its game over and you have to start from scratch.

There are several modes of gameplay available. Story mode allows you to unlock different areas as you progress through a fixed game, and multiplayer allows 2 to 8 people to play on the same screen. There’s even an option to play the original 1983 game which is awesome!


Staying true to the original the graphics are colorful and retro-style. Game sounds and music are basic and suit the style, something which I personally find a little cheesy and loud, especially the falling through the portal scream when loading a map. The game itself is definitely an interesting challenge and remains true to its predecessor.

I think the main draw of this game is to bring back memories of those who loved playing the original version 32 years ago. This is a very family-friendly game (especially considering the multiplayer option) that could have two generations of gamers enjoying two generations of a game.


Dino Eggs: Rebirth is currently on Steam Greenlight and could use your love! If you’re a fan of single-screen platformer puzzle games, retro-style games, or played the original Dino Eggs game, keep an eye out for this one and go give it your vote. Also head to the official site for more info on the project.

Tl;dr –  Dino Eggs: Rebirth is a reboot of the original 1983 puzzle platformer that will please fans of the original as well as a new generation of gamers.  Despite a somewhat annoying cut-scene style, this game features unique mechanics that are challenging and require patience and planning.

Rating – 7/10

Greenlight – Vote Now!

Trailer –

Let’s take a look at … – Game Corp DX

Game Corp DX is a causal business simulator from Endless Loop Studios about running a game studio. After the successes of an original flash version, that to-date has over 5 million plays, Game Corp DX is a full rebuild with full screen support, faster performance, steam integration, and a boat-load of polish. Let’s take a look.


Game Corp DX starts with a tutorial covering the game’s mechanics, though there’s really not that much too it! You have a game studio under your control, and it’s your task to make as much money and games as you can. If you’ve played Game Dev Tycoon, Game Corp DX is like a much simplified version.

You can hire staff, fire staff, train them up, plan multiple projects and create the best games possible. Each game you create has a star rating assigned that is determined by the skill of your workers. As they build games their skills increase and so does the quality of the games created, and the revenue returned.


Each worker can also specialise in a certain area of development: Art, Sound, Code and Writing. Each skill has multiple levels, and the higher the level of the skill, the better software that employee can use, netting a better start rating for the title. Be careful though! As your employees gain levels and skill their wages increase! I spent all my money upgrading their skills, ready to make the most badass game possible, then all their wages shot up and I went bankrupt. Lesson learned.

There are a few ways in which the games you make can be customized. For one, you build games based around a team size. For example, a micro game requires only 2 staff, and is cheaper to produce, while a medium game required 10, is more expensive, but will get a much higher rating! There are also a number of pre-set game types to choose from, with each having a varying emphasis on the different design stats, so choosing the right employees for the job drastically changes the score your game will get. Each game is given a star rating, and the higher the rating, the more money the game will make!


Aside from control over what games you make, you have control over the space in which you work. Walls can be knocked down and re-built to build your office how you like, decorations and equipment can be purchased, along with necessities such as fridges and water coolers. The employees in the studio react to your environment, so the nicer it the better they work.

Game Corp DX definitely feels ‘flashy’, with the aesthetic being inherited from its flash-based predecessor. The music and sound effects are nothing to write home about either, and blend into the game nicely. All-in-all it’s a fun, little, casual business sim. It’s not bogged down in numbers, and you just get on with it. The downside of this is that it doesn’t offer much depth. You make games, increase your skill, and make better games. Rinse and repeat.


Tl:dr – For £1.99 Game Corp DX offers a fun few hours for those looking for a casual sim experience. Don’t go into it expecting deep mechanics and you won’t be disappointed. Its aesthetic throws back to its flash predecessor, but with the addition of full screen support, trading cards, and lots of polish, the £1.99 for the updated Steam version is worth it in my book!

Rating – 7/10

Purchase – Steam £1.99/£2.99

Trailer –

Indie Showcase – Overfall

Time for another Indie Showcase! Overfall is a seafaring RPG with a rich backstory, and gameplay that is determined by the player’s actions. Recently greenlit, and with a Kickstarter campaign at 56% of its goal with 11 days to go, let’s take a quick look at the title from Pera Games.


Overfall is a tale of redemption and retaliation. After being caught in the act stealing a powerful artefact, the artefact’s guardians (the Vorn) rush back to your world in retaliation. With two of the Everking’s nine heroes (Fighter, Cleric, Monk, Guardian, Druid, Rogue, Warlord, Ranger, and Wizard), your mission is to find your missing ruler, and save the world from imminent destruction.

Dys is a rich and bountiful world, with a number races, each with their own political backstories and agendas. With everything in the world being the result of player decision, your actions will determine the alliances, and enemies, that will be forged throughout the game. If you decide to help a Dwarf early in the game for example, the Goblins might not appreciate it and cause trouble later down the line.


Combat is presented in a turn-bases system with three distinct phases: mobility, utility, and attack. With each class having unique abilities, which can be chained for devastating results, there’s plenty of combinations and strategies to be taken into combat. Be careful though, death in Overfall is permanent, with only your unlocks surviving between runs.

To check out the game in more detail you can visit the Greenlight page, and if you wish to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign you can find its page here. Also, here’s the Kickstarter trailer so you can check the game out for yourself.

[Disclaimer: The goal of the Indie Showcase is to give indies exposure. Most content comes from press releases, and is not the personal opinion of anyone from IGUK.]

Indie Showcase … – Netw0rm

Netw0rm is a 3D action/runner game by indie studio Cuddly Zombie Games. We were recently given access to a build, and was pleasantly surprised! It’s a fun little action game, with a great premise, but has a few flaws. We were originally going to review the title, but given the fact that it’s not yet available, we’re going to bring it to you guys via the showcase, then we’ll conduct our review upon release.


Netw0rm is an action shooter surrounding hacking. Yeah, how cool is that! You play the role of what I presume is a systems admin, and you have control over a system called the mothership. You can buy parts for your system, upgrade its hardware, and buy tools to help you hack. The game interface is pretty simple, and it looks like you’re working on an old computer terminal. It’s minimalistic and fits the mood and theme of the game well.

Gameplay sees you hacking into servers of multiple companies and instituted in order to steal data. What you do with this data is up to you. Leak it, or sell it on the black market for more credits in order to upgrade your PC. The hacking mechanic involved travelling down a tube, with multiple obstacles in your way. The steam page states:

“The game is inspired, in part, by the hacking sequences from 80’s sci-fi films and TV shows. In various films, hacking into a computer was represented in a very videogame-like way, navigating along a series of wireframe environments, dodging enemies and barriers as they attempted to break into the heart of the system.”

 The developer achieves this, and the game feels very much that way. You play the hack, you have to keep a certain space otherwise the trace will find you, and the obstacles in your way and things like ICE blockers, for which you need a certain type of program to overcome. But be careful, programs require both RAM and CPU cycles, so you need to manage your system carefully.


The premise to the game is great, but unfortunately I feel there are problems with the fundamentals. The movement during gameplay feels … sluggish and flawed. It’s not as fun as it could be. The developer states that the game is ready to launch as soon as Greenlit, but I’d like to see some more time spent polishing the feel of the controls, and I’m sure others will agree.

Another potential issue I see is with repetitiveness. Given what I’ve played, I’m not sure how long it could hold the attention of the player without becoming too repetitive.


Despite some concerns, I think Netw0rm is a fun game. The premise is great, I just feel the controls need some TLC to reach their maximum potential. If you want to check out the game, head over to its Greenlight page and drop your vote!

Here’s the trailer so you can get a feel for gameplay.

Let’s talk about … – Nova Blitz TCG reaches its Kickstarter goal

With 60 hours left in its campaign, Nova Blitz TCG from Dragon Foundry has reached its Kickstarter goal of $40,000. It actually reached it a day or two ago! Promising innovative real-time gameplay, Nova Blitz wants to bring something new to the genre, and it looks like you guys want them to also!


Dragon Foundry have an impressive line-up of talent on their team. Between them they’ve been making games for over 15 years and have worked on titles such as Magic: The Gathering, Guild Wars 2, and Saints Row IV. Quite the pedigree, so if anyone can bring something new to the genre I’d put my money on Dragon Foundry. Nova Blitz TCG was Greenlit on Steam after only 10 days, so there’s certainly a call for the game.


The game has received some high praise so far, with the following comments coming from Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering:

“I’ve been looking forward to a digital trading card game which has the depth of Magic for a long time. The real time nature of Nova Blitz keeps games moving. And the team’s knowledge of strategy games keeps it firmly in the strategy camp, and not in the twitch camp.”

Nova Blitz features real-time gameplay, which means to waiting for your opponent to act first. You can either rush out and try overwhelm your opponent, or take it slow, see what they play and counter. Intelligence and bluffing are rewarded.


The alpha for Nova Blitz is available for download now from the official site, http://novablitz.com/game/download/, and it available for Windows, OS X and Linux.  It’s certainly worth checking out, and has some cool things planned for Steam regarding cards and trading. Check out the Kickstarter video below, and head to the Kickstart campaign if you want to help reach some awesome rewards in the stretch goals!

Indie Showcase … – WATER : THE WORLD IN CHAOS

WATER : THE WORLD IN CHAOS is a challenging, beautiful and amusing 2D sci-fi action game set in space. The story of this is brilliant: Foolien, the boss of the aliens, is watching Earth TV one day, and sees a huge waterpark. Envious of the brilliant time use meat bags seam to be having, he decides he wants to build his own. Problem is, Foolien’s planet has fallen short of water, so he looks towards Earth to sort that.


To thwart Foolien’s plans, you play the role of an astronaut determined to save the world from the onslaught of water-stealing aliens. The key features of the game are:

  • Challenging and exciting gameplay in over 80 various levels
  • 4 awesome heroes with jetpacks capable of different power and speeds
  • Different types of enemies such as crazy robots, strange creatures
  • Spare your life by collecting drops of water Obstacles such as laser, propeller blades …
  • Easy control and amazing art with fun combat.
  • Fight again and again to get the best time possible and a glorious three star rating!
  • Break your keyboard or controller out of anger!
  • Battle your friends down to the mini second on the leaderboards

To defeat the aliens you will need to complete a vast range of levels that require both skill and mental capacity. The quicker you complete the levels, the more starts you get, and the more worlds you unlock.

WATER : THE WORLD IN CHAOS is currently on Steam Greenlight, and has an active Kickstarter campaign that could use some love. If the game looks like fun, then make sure you head over to the Greenlight and Kickstarter pages and show your interest; I’m certainly looking forward to playing it!

Indie Showcase … – Alchemic Jousts

Alchemic Jousts is a casual strategy game from Player 2 Game Studios. Their debut game, it’s currently on Steam Greenlight and looks like it could be fun. It’s a strategy game where you send a line of your enemies into a line of your opponents, and the strongest enemies break through. Your units are elements, so choosing the right element at the right time is crucial. Send fire elements into your opponents water units and you’re going to have a bad time!


Water beats fire; fire beats earth; earth beats water, and air flies. From here things get more complicated. As elements mix they form new elements that bring with them fresh abilities and spells to help your own elements, or harm your opponents. With 180 combinations to be found, and a number of different game modes available, Alchemic Jousts looks like it could a fun little casual title.

The game will feature the following once released:

  • Single Player and Player vs Player modes, including local PvP with a single copy of the game (connecting a second mouse to your computer).
  • Strategic combat system where selecting the correct build is as important as playing it correctly. Button smashing won’t win the game.
  • Discover new Skills by combining the ones you already know. Starting with the 4 basic elements and having more than 180 to discover, it will take you a while to find them all.
  • Unlock passives to improve your active skills and your tower capabilities.
  • Strategically create your build for each game, depending on your discovered skills, your play style, the game mode and its Global Effects. There are millions of possible builds to try.
  • Each game will have a chance to have randomized Global Effects on it, which will enormously change the game conditions for both players. You will be able to see them before starting the game, and adapt your build and strategy in consequence.
  • Several game modes, each one with different objectives and strategies, including Combat, Endless, King of the Hill, Attack, Capture… and more to come.
  • Each game will feature an enemy with a randomized skill set and randomized Global Effects, no game will be the same.
  • Adjust the difficulty according to your needs. Select easy games for a more casual gameplay or hard ones to get better rewards and a challenge suitable for a Hardcore gamer.
  • Smart resource system which will automatically distribute the resources you generate will allow you to forget about resource management and focus on the action.

Here is the game trailer so you can see it in action.

Alchemic Jousts looks like it could be a fun little title. It’s a fairly uncommon genre, I don’t know of any games like this off the top of my head, and looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with friends. With 180 combinations, there’s also scope for those players that want to master the strategy.


If you like what Alchemic Jousts could bring, then be sure to head over to the Greenlight page and cast your vote!

Indie Showcase … – Redemption: Eternal Quest

Redemption: Eternal Quest is a simulation RPG by indie games developer SimProse Studios in which you take charge of a party of 6 adventurers, sending them on adventures across the land to complete thrilling quests and to collect rare treasure and precious relics.

Redemption (Eternal Quest) PC - 05

R:EQ combines resource-management with classing RPG elements to create a challenging and unique randomly generated scenario for each turn and every game session. You have full control over your party, and it’s down to you to lead them to victory. With a variety of lands to be explored, and treasures to be found, it’s important you lead your adventurers with a level head. After joining your guild as novices, you’ll see them grow into legendary heroes as your adventures unfold.

Redemption (Eternal Quest) PC - 10

Adventuring is dangerous work, and your party will come across many who wish to stand in your way. R:EQ features a card-based combat system, with over 200 special minion cards available, each differing in combat strength.

If RPG/simulation games are your thing, Redemption: Eternal Quest is definitely worth a look. The depth of the systems, and number of possibilities that are therefore possible, are vast, and promise to offer a great RPG experience.

Redemption: Eternal Quest is currently on Greenlight, and is 94% to the top 100 at the time of writing, so it’s nearly there! Visit the Greenlight Page to leave your vote if you like the look of the game, and if you do, let them know IGUK sent you!

Let’s talk about … – Toy Quest Greenlit in 2 Days

Last week I received a press release about a game named Toy Quest that had just found its way onto Greenlight. That was June 3rd. June 5th the developers posted a message saying they had been Greenlit … that was quick.

ToyQuest is an action platformer that sees you play as an action figure that has come to life. With the whole house to conquer, your goal is to save your owner, Felix, and the other toys that are at the mercy of the darkness.

The game looks great, I love the aesthetic and the environments. As soon as I watched the trailer I was taken back to Toy Story for the Sega Mega Drive. It’s the first game I remember playing, and Toy Quest feels very akin to that. The developer, Hiker Games, said ‘ToyQuest honors the experience of games from the ‘80s and ‘90s, without the 8-bit graphics and sound.’ on the games Greenlight page. If the gameplay stays as true as the aesthetics feel then they’ll have got it spot on.

Here’s a few features the game will have along with it’s trailer:

  • A skillful mix of classic Platforming and roguelike gameplay, with randomly-generated levels.
  • Hundreds of weapon and item upgrades — crafted from everything you find around the house.
  • More than 300 type of enemies — each with distinct behaviors, in keeping with the toys they once were.
  • 7 Terrifying Bosses in their own dreadful lairs.
  • Rescue friendly toy and gather material to build and defend your base.

I loved Toy Story and the other platformers for the Sega Mega Drive that sit in a cupboard at my grannies house to this day, so I’m quite excited at what Toy Quest offers to bring. Obviously no build is available, so the jury is still out, but I think it looks very promising.

What do you guys think? Is a metroidvania style action-platformer, honouring the experiences of games from the ‘80s and ‘90s something that interests you? I know it does me, and I wanted to bring it to your attention! Let us know in the comments what you think, and you can check the game out on its Greenlight page, or at the official website.

Let’s talk about … – Former AAA developer turns to Kickstarter to fund indie title Sol Trader

Chris Parsons is a former AAA developer who worked on titles such as Evil Genius and Republic: The Revolution for Elixir Studios. Three years ago he decided to return to his roots in writing his own video games as an independent developer. Enter Sol Trader; “a cross between Elite and Asteroids, with a deep and thematic storytelling RPG elements”.

For those of you into your sims this may be one to watch, and you can have your part in making it a reality. Sol Trader is currently looking for £20,000 on Kickstarter to bring it out of Alpha through to a finished project in 2015.


Keen to distinguish Sol Trader from similar games in the genre, Chris posted the following on the games Kickstarter:

I decided to build a rich world history which allowed players to discover and forge their own story in the context of their family, upbringing and childhood. I wanted players to uncover secrets about their rivals that go back seventy years and use them against them. I wanted them work their uncle’s contacts in the senate to secure lucrative diplomatic missions. I wanted them to meet school bullies on the space lanes, and teach them a lesson.

Even in the Alpha builds of the game this shines through. Before you even start there’s a large number of decisions that you make that generates a full family history that you can browse. Each individual has a full breakdown of their life, their interactions with other people etc. it’s incredibly in-depth.


Moving past the lore and depth of the world around you, while core mechanics are there, such as trading and combat, gameplay is a little thin. Given the game is in Alpha that’s hardly surprising so we’re going to hold off on a review until the game has progressed a little further and we can give it a fare shot.

If you like the sound of a space trading/exploring/shipbuilding/combat sim then check out the games Kickstarter and help get the game released in 2015. Sol Trader is also currently on Greenlight, so head over there to drop your vote.