Let’s take a look at … – Spandex Force: Champion Rising

I must say I was very, very impressed with ‘Champion Rising’. It was like the time Charlie found the golden ticket in the chocolate bar, totally unexpected. As soon as the game started up I instantly fell in love with ‘Champion Rising’. It has everything a good puzzle/RPG game should have. Fun puzzles, Story lines and Quests. Even the shady looking characters are pretty cool.

Champion Rising is a really fun game that people from any age group would like, and it keeps you entertained for as long as you want it too. I enjoyed every second of the game, from character creation through to the quests. The storyline is one of those cheesy set out story lines that you like for no apparent reason.

The control and gameplay was very straight forward that even my mother; whom doesn’t even know how to use a TV remote, would of understood it perfectly fine. There is no confusing mechanism that you need to remember to play the game or to even understand what is happening. It is a very simple game and sometimes it is the simple things that make a game work.

The graphics were very nostalgic and reminded of a few games I played on my old Sega console as a kid. The graphics are very cartoonish with lots of detail. Sometimes, it kind of bugged me how much detail went into the cartoon graphics but I learned to accept that I’m a writer not a game developer so hey, who am I to judge. Overall though I was impressed with how they set the game and graphics out. The music was definitely on the superhero side of things and fitted in very well with the theme of the game.

I must admit I really enjoyed playing ‘Champion Rising’ a lot and I did not find too many downfalls to say I don’t like the game; in fact I actually love it. If your looking for a fun puzzle game that will keep you amused for long periods of time and doesn’t need to much attention to play, we’ll this game is definitely worth a shot but I’m not saying this game is for everyone. It is currently available on android and windows PC, it is set to be released on the mac soon.

I would rate it 6.8/10 as an android game.

Ben Duncombe

Twitter:  @H2Omate

Let’s take a look at … – Cookie Dunk Dunk

Cookie dunk dunk is a generic puzzle game made for iOS by Seven Gun Games ltd.

Made as a clone for the likes of Candy crush and Bejeweled, Cookie dunk dunk is a solidly OK experience for anyone not too interested in playing original content. Aside from the huge deterrence this brings, players can expect a ludicrous micro-transaction-based revenue model, as well as persistent lag during your game time. The graphic effects and individual sounds bring a dash of colour to this otherwise grey slate, but i feel that’s not enough to compensate for the games overall flabbiness.


The soundtrack is nothing particularly innovative though resisted attempts to make my ears bleed, and the repetitive game-play is dull at best. The lack of diversity in this iOS game means that every level feels the same and there’s no feeling of progression or achievement during your “puzzle” experience.

A lack of substance in the app means a review can only go on for so long, however; If the casual gamer or “whale” inside of you yearns  for more of this generic content, I would suggest going back to a game like Candy Crush, which at least makes this kind of drivel  even remotely enjoyable… even if it might leave your wallet mercilessly empty when it’s finished.

If the gamer inside of you screams for innovation and new adventures for your mobile device, some excellent apps such as “Monument”  and “Audiorun” are waiting on your mobile store of choice.

Overall I would score Cookie Dunk Dunk as a lenient 5/10. As even though it isn’t even verging on good, this game is nowhere near the kind of  awful that made up something like ride to hell retribution.