Let’s talk about … – Socuwan looks to Kickstarter for funding

Socuwan is an Indie MMORPG currently in development by Karl Wimble. The title has been in development for over three years, and is written using a custom game engine created using Java and Open GL. Promising ‘a slightly quirky and refreshing twist on your usual, run-of-the-mill MMO’, Socuwan is now on Kickstarter looking to fund the rest of development.


Socuwan is touted as being by the community, for the community: that’s certainly the case. Over the last two years of development, the community have provided around three quarters of the game content, including models, animations, textures, sound effects and music.

This community orientation carries itself through to gameplay, with a cooperative killing system and worwide duelling tournaments. Playing together will be rewarded, aiming to thwart the typical MMORPG process of finding a quiet area to grind.


You can find more about the game on its website, and here is a breakdown of some gameplay highlights:

  • Worldwide duelling tournaments
  • Co-operative skilling system
  • Player owned houses in the game world
  • No grinding
  • Unique combat system
  • Thousands of weapon combinations
  • A diverse and unique looking world which is created by the community

If you like the look of Socuwan, then be sure to head by the Kickstarter campaign. With 18 days to go, the campaign has reached 12% of its goal so could use some love! The developer also has a long-running YouTube series document the development process, so check that out here if you’re interested. I’ll leave you with the kickstarter video for the title so you can get a better idea as to what Socuwan really is!

Let’s talk about … – RIFT Echoes of Madness 3.2 Update

We received a press release late last week covering a new wardrobe system coming in an up-coming update to RIFT. I wasn’t sure if RIFT counts as Indie, or whether our reader-base plays rift etc. so I’ve been in 2 minds as to whether to cover the changes. Well, I figured what the hell. Post the article, gauge the reaction and see if it’s something we’ll continue to cover. So here’s some news on the up-coming 3.2 update to RIFT.

RIFTs next update, Echoes of Madness (3.2) is bringing a whole new wardrobe system to the game that will let you collect appearances, dyes and customize your look my mixing and matching the two.


When you collect a weapon, equipment or costume the appearance of the item is automatically ‘collected’ and unlocked for future use. This applies to all items, even those you can’t use. For example if, as a mage, you acquired a shield you couldn’t use, then the appearance of the shield would be unlocked for all alts.

Each item slot to the left of your character now acts as a button that allows you to select one of your unlocked appearances. If the helmet icon is coloured in then it’s an appearance that you’ve unlocked and can use. A greyed out helmet means you’re yet to unlock that appearance. This system will allow you to create awesome looking armour with great ease. Epic!



The second major component to the wardrobe update is dyes. Once you have chosen an awesome appearance for your armour, you can customize it further by dyeing it 2 colours; primary and secondary. On release of the update a few of the dyes will be unlocked, but most will be purchased via credits. Once a dye is unlocked it has unlimited uses, and is available account-wide.

Dyes apply to the item slot and not just the item. For example, if you dyed your head slot red and gold, ANY helmet you equip will use that colour scheme. Once you’re done you hit save and your appearance/dye combination will be saved in a preset for future use meaning you can create multiple look sand switch between them easily.


Weapon Wardrobe

Last but not least is the wardrobe system. For each possible weapon slot for your character you can assign an appearance. Then, depending on what type of weapon you have equip, you will see the corresponding appearance. For example, if you’re acting as a DPS and you have a 2-hand weapon equip, then you’ll see whatever appearance you set in the 2-hand weapon slot. If you then switched to a tank with a shield, then you’ll see whatever appearance was set in your shield slot. You set all weapons at one in your set and the game will automatically show the correct one.

When the update goes live, the system will automatically run through your inventory, bank and wardrobe and automatically unlock all those appearances. It will also unlock appearances for all items that you would have earned but have discarded.

So what do you think of the new update? How many of you play RIFT? Is it something you’d like IGUK to continue covering? Let us know in the comments.

You can read TRIONs full blog post on this here.