Lets’ talk about … – Zealous make open call to indie game developers

Zealous, a platform for matching talented creatives with clients is making an open call to all Indie Developers for an up-coming event in January 2016. The huge event will host 100 artists, 55 speakers, and take place over 10 days.


The invitation has been extended to indie game developers, CG artists, character designers and much more. Submissions are open unitl 30th September, so head here to apply! The event is designed to showcase the most exciting UK based creative talents alongside industry talks, exhibitions, workshops, filmmaking, gaming, demonstrations, get-togethers and gigs. If you’re a creative based in the UK you’ll want to check it out!

Here’s a feature-list of what can be expected from the event:

  • It’s free to participate and 51% of all tickets sold will go to the creative talents selected to showcase their work at Zealous X
  • An independent panel of exciting judges (full list to be announced soon) will be selecting the best 15 creative talents in each discipline to be showcased at Zealous X
  • Build lasting and valuable relationships across the creative sector • Selected works will be showcased on a curated exhibition at the Rich Mix
  • A day dedicated to short films and story telling
  • A day dedicated to interactive and gaming • 15 gigs across the festival
  • 15 performances across the festival, including cabaret, dance and spoken word
  • Promotion on Zealous’s online channels

It will be great to have so many different creatives under one roof, and showcasing their talents side-by-side. Creative project can be submitted at http://x.zealous.co/be-showcased/.


Let’s talk about … – EGX announce partnership with YouTube Gaming

EGX, the UK’s largest gaming event, has this week announced a partnership between themselves and YouTube Gaming, bringing the YouTube Gaming stage to EGX taking place later this month. YouTube Gaming is the brand new app from that aims to provide a home for the rapidly growing game community on YouTube.

The partnership will bring some of the biggest gaming stars on YouTube to EGX, taking part in a myriad of events such as hosting panels, workshops, Q & A sessions, and live Let’s Plays from the stage. Confirmed creators include Synidcate, The Yogscast and Outside Xbox.


One of the coolest things about this partnership has to be the fact that a large portion of EGX will now be streamed on gaming.youtube.com/egx. If you can’t make it to EGX, you can simply tune in from home and keep up with all the action. Global Head of Gaming, Ryan Wyatt, has the following to say regarding the partnership:

“EGX is a big moment on the UK gaming calendar that we’re psyched to be a part of – not least as an opportunity to meet members of this hugely vibrant gaming community face-to-face and to bring the best of YouTube Gaming to life for those that come down”.

“YouTube Gaming’s plans are hugely exciting and we’re delighted to host them at EGX.” “Their presence at EGX will be a fantastic new feature for our attendees”, said David Lilley, Managing Director of Gamer Events.

For more information on YouTube Gaming visit the official website, or get the dedicated app, available on both IOS and Android.

Have you used YouTube Gaming yet? I checked it out when it first released, and wasn’t blown away! I didn’t see why I’d use it over my subscription list. Still, this is an awesome partnership, and we look forward to seeing what YouTube Gaming produces moving forward!

Let’s talk about … – Mod DB & Indie DB join Gamer Network

Great news for indies and modders! Gamer Network, the company behind some of the UKs best gaming events, and the world’s leading network of indie game sites, has announced that it will be adding Mod DB and Indie DB to its network.

With over 29 million monthly page views, Mod DB is the world’s leading modding website. It’s also officially a teenager, having been started 13 years ago! As modding took hold, and mod developers started creating Mod DB profiles to promote their indie games, Indie DB was born to provide a home for the emerging community.

Both sites are based upon the idea of user generated content, and put indies in the driving seat. I’ve personally used Indie DB to promote an indie game, and it’s a great first step for indie developers to get their game in-front of an audience, so I’m thrilled it will now have the might of Game Network behind it. With their background the site’s and in safe hands and will no doubt just grow bigger and better than ever.

So a nice bit of news for the indie community. Mod DB and Indie DB have found a comfortable new home and will be all the better for it. Winners all around!