Indie Showcase … – Industry Giant 2

Originally released back in 2002 by JoWood Entertainment, Industry Giant 2 is a well-loved business sim. Well, thanks to developers Fancy Bytes and Reactor, and publishers UIG Entertainment, the title has been re-vamped and re-released on Steam with a host of new features!


Industry Giant 2 is a business sim with a focus on economics and produce. The goal is to build your empire in its entirety, starting with raw production and ending with your goods in stores. As ever the economy is a fickle mistress, and there will be economic booms, stock market crashes, oil crises and more that will need to be overcome in order to succeed.

The game begins in the year 1900, you have little money but big ambition. It’s up to access the markets, decide which products are most profitable. Where they should be grown? Where should they be sold? It’s all up to you, and with over 150 products at your fingertips the possibilities are vast!


IG2 has a number of game modes available including a set of comprehensive tutorials, campaign mode with a selection of pre-defined scenarios, and endless mode where the goal is to create the biggest empire you can. I jumped into campaign mode to give it a go and immediately failed. I spend all my money on farms and storage, without leaving enough money to set up the rest of the supply chain!

One of the most charming things about IG2 is also one of the things that may turn off newer players: the game is very much from 2002. While the Steam page states it now supports HD resolution, don’t expect updated graphics or UI design. It feels very much like OpenTTD, and while that may appeal to gamers familiar with the original, for newer gamers it may feel outdated when used to sims that haver newer, more intuitive interfaces.


If you’re into your business sims, especially the older ones, you should check IG2 out on Steam. The updated version brings everything was players loved about the original along with:

  • Full HD resolution
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud Save

The rating are almost unanimously good, with an average of 7/10 across most sites. A great blast from the past! Here’s the trailer!

Lets’ talk about … – The Witness sets a release date with second trailer

Almost 2 years later the second trailer for “The Witness” has finally dropped. Jonathan Blow’s next game will be out on 26th January 2016 and that date can not get here soon enough.

Blow, featured in the incredible ‘Indie Game: The Move’, created “Braid”, which in many respects started the indie Game Renaissance that we are in today. If this game is anything like this last, we are in for something extremely special.

Watch the Release Date Trailer below.

Let’s take a look at … – Xeodrifter (PS Vita)

Last week we covered the news that Xeodrifter, a metro-style platformer from award winning indie devs Regenage Kid, is now available on PS Vita. Well, we’ve since been given a key, and I’ve been playing it! Here’s what I think of Xeodrifter on Vita.


Let me start by clarifying that I’ve not played Xeodrifter on any other platform before, so all comments are in regards to the Vita version only. This also directly contributed to my confusion playing the title.

Let’s start from the beginning. The game opens to a view of a space ship travelling through space. You hit a comet, take damage that wipes out your warp drive, and you find yourself stranded in the middle of a small collection of planets. You’re free to visit any of them, so I head to the top one. I step onto the planet, and get owned. Really owned. Try another planet, and it’s full of water and I can’t swim. Another planet and a big eyed bastard fires a laser at me and fries me instantly. WHAT IS GOING ON!


The first 15 minutes playing Xeodrifter was the most I’ve been confused playing a game in a long time. Everything seemed to just own me, paths were blocked, and the menu looked like something that was found at Roswell. I had no idea what I was doing, but managed to stumble upon my first boss, and decided to run at him shooting … poor decision. Xeodrifter is a hard game. It’s one of these where you don’t just run around and go crazy on a boss, you have to learn the moves, the patterns, and execute your moves carefully in response.

After what seemed like 3 million deaths, I took a deep breath, watched the bosses moves, and I killed him! The problem was I was so frustrated by this point, that I didn’t really saver the victory. Part of this was down to my own inability, but I don’t want to take all the blame. Xeodrifter could do more to tell you what’s going on. You’re given nothing. I only knew there was an upgrade system for your weapon because of Steam comments I’ve read! It’s very much a case of ‘work it out yourself’ but, for me, it’s a bit too much. The smallest of tutorials would have helped immensely in getting into the game, and skipping the whole ‘I want to throw my Vita into the road’ phase.


After killing my first boss I was back to a brick wall, with every path seemingly lead to either a dead-end or an unbeatable enemy. I resorted to a YouTube walkthrough to see what was going on. And then it clicked. The video showed that there are hidden powerups throughout the levels that you really need to collect to continue. That in turn made the menu make sense, and the fact that some paths were blocked now made total sense; I don’t have the correct abilities yet, so need to come back. The YouTube video provided the context and instructions that I think should be there from the start; at-least in some capacity.

Controls are very simple. With the left stick you move, and then you press square you’ll shoot in the direction you’re aiming. That means your limited to only shooting in four absolute directions, but that’s part of the Metroid charm that the game has. Movement feels good for the most part. Sometime when jumping up multiple ledges, the inertia that the character carries felt cumbersome, but for the most part they feel good.


As mentioned, hidden throughout the levels are health and weapon upgrades, and these really are key to moving forward. Your weapon has a number of different categories that can be upgraded that range from increasing fire speed, power and scatter shot etc. Something I really like about this system is you have three weapon setups available, you’re not limited to picking a single setup. You can assign your upgrade points three times, to create three individual setups and change between them at any point.

There are 7 bosses I believe in Xeodrifter, I’m only up to bass 2 myself, and each boss drops a power when defeated. These are entire game mechanics, and are required to continue working through the planets. The first one you receive is the submarine. Finally, now I understand why everywhere was blocked with water! The second upgrade you get is a Phase Shift which allows you to shift between the front and back layer. Again, much more of the planets are now accessible so it’s time to revisit each and find what you missed.


Xeodrifter is a tough game, and I’ve played tough games before that make you really work for your score, but I just wasn’t feeling it with Xeodrifter. I’ve been looking for a game like this for my Vita for a while now, and really thought this would be it, but it missed the mark for me. It’s not a bad game by any means, but I just didn’t feel very rewarded after the tough battles and the work needed to progress. It felt very empty.

If I hadn’t had found that YouTube video explaining the game, I would have just put it down after the first 20 minutes. I’m glad I didn’t, I enjoyed my time with it, but I don’t think my play time will get much higher.

Tl:dr – Xeodrifter is a tough and confusing Metroid style platformer. If you stick with it enough to learn how to enjoy it, there is a good experience in there. For those not into their hard-core platformers this will turn into an exercise in self-control. Those into their tough platformers may relish the challenge, but for me it wasn’t substantial enough to justify the work it wanted.

Rating – 6.5/10

Purchase – £6.99/$9.99 Steam | PSN

Trailer –

Let’s talk about … – Xeodrifter now available for PS4 & Vita

Xeodrifter, a metro-style platformer from award winning indie developers Renegade Kid and publishers Gambitious Digital Entertainment is now available for Playstation 4 and Vita. After releasing late last year for PC and 3DS, now PlayStation owners can join the party!


You’re a galaxy-traversing traversing nomad with a damaged ship. Stranded in the dark void of space, your goal is to re-build your ship and go home. The journey will take you through four sprawling planets, unlocking new weapons and abilities, allowing you to grow stronger, ready to face the nasties that await you in the strange woods.


The Steam reviews for Xeodrifter are ‘Mostly Positive’, with common complaints being the lack of content, and it falling short of its Metroid goal. Maybe it will lend itself better to be played on a Vita, where you can pick it up for 15 minutes at a time. We have a key for the Vita on the way, so we’ll check it out ourselves and will let you know what’s what!

Xeodrifter is available on PS4 & Vita for£7.99/$9.99/ €9.99 (Cross buy). If you’re interested in the PC version, you’ll find it on Steam for £6.99/$9.99.

Let’s talk about … – Volume now available

Volume, the long awaited follow up from Mike Bithell, creator of Thomas Was Alone, has launched today for Windows, OS X, PS4 and PS Vita.


Volume is a modern ‘reimagining of the Robin Hood legend’. You play as Robert Locksley, a petty thief whose main weapon is Stealth. Gisborne Industries have taken over England, running the nation as a corporatocracy, and you’re going to stop him. With 100 levels of stealth action, and a range of different gadgets to help you get them, there’s plenty of varied stealth-action to be found through the campaign.

There’s also a fully featured level editor, so the community will be able to create are share maps, adding even more content and diversity to the title.


Danny Wallace returns once again to provide narration for a witty AI, along-side Charlie McDonnell staring as Robert himself, and the critically-acclaimed actor Andy Serkis providing the voice of Guy Gisborne, the main enemy. Another familiar face in Bithell’s work, David Housden makes a return with another incredible soundtrack, which is also now available to download via iTunes, or as DLC on Steam.


Reviews for Volume are already coming in, and they’re good! It looks like it’s living up to the hype, and we’re going to try and get a key to perform our own review.

Volume can be purchased on Steam for £14.99/$19.99, with a 10% launch discount (£13.49/17.99) until 24 August, and on PSN for PS4 and Vita.

Will you be buying Volume? Do you own it already? Let us know in the comments what you think if it so far if you do! Here’s the release trailer!

Let’s talk about … – Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain™ adventure opens today! Let’s check out the new card set.

Hearthstone fans, I hope you’re rested from you journey through Naxxramas … a new adventure is ready. The first wing of Blackrock Mountain™ is now open! With 5 fiery wings to battle through, get ready to face some hot-tempered, iconic foes including Dark Iron dwarves, fire elementals and dragons.

The adventure will find players in a fierce battle for control over the legendary mountain. Those who make it through, defeating legendary Warcraft® characters such as Ragnaros and the Firelord along the way, will receive a host of new cards to add their collections. With 31 searing new cards available the Hearthstone meta is sure to heat-up. Check the end of the article for a full view of the entire new card set.

Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of blizzard had the following to say regarding the new adventure;

“Adventure Mode challenges players to think outside of the box and come up with creative new strategies,” “After the new bosses and unique mechanics in Blackrock Mountain put their skills to the test, we can’t wait to see how players use all the new cards in their decks.”

With the first wing of Blackrock Mountain™ opening today, the subsequent wings will open each week through April. Each wing is available to purchase separately at a cost of 700 gold/£4.99, or you can purchase the entire adventure for £17.49 on PC, Windows and Android™, with iPad® coming in a touch more expensive at £18.99.


Let’s talk about … – Hotline Miami 2 release date and pre-order

Back already with more awesome news regarding Hotline Miami 2. After setting a release data of March 10th, Devolver Digital have opened it up to pre-orders on Steam, GOG and Humble. This includes the Digital special edition.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will see you return to conclude the brutal events of the first game. With several different distinct factions to follow, traverse multiple paths until they inevitably interweave into a mass of bloodshed, violence and general awesomeness.

In return for pre-ordering, Devolver are offering a 10% discount on both HM2: Wrong Number, and the Digital Special Edition which includes the exclusive HM2: Remix EP. Asif that wasn’t enough, Dennaton Game and Develover Digital have also partnered with the team behind PAYDAY 2 to bring Hotline Miami content to PAYDAY 2 for those who own HM2: Wrong Number and the Digital Special edition.

Head on over to Steam, GOG or Humble to pre-order your copy now.

Will you be pre-ordering? If so, let us know in the comments what it is you love about the series!

Let’s talk about … – Zombie Army Trilogy release confirmed as March 6th

Rebellion, the studio behind the popular ‘Sniper Elite’ series, has set a date for the release of its conclusion to its Zombie Army trilogy; March 6th.

Zombie Army Trilogy will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, giving console owners the opportunity to experience the blood-pumping co-op shooters that were such hits on PC. The conclusion to the series will feature lots of exclusive new content including 15-missions of intense solo and co-op survival across THREE epic campaigns, a new horde mode, new player characters and more. Here’s the trailer. It looks EPIC!

Digital downloads will be available through Steam, XboxLive and PlayStation network, and will also be seeing a physical release in most regions; marking the studio’s first foray into retail publishing. Zombie Army Trilogy is available for pre-purchase on Steam right now, and as a thank you to existing fans Rebellion are offering some hefty discounts. For each Nazi Zombie Army title you own you get 30%, meaning if you’re a big fan and own Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2, you can get your hands on the conclusion with a 60% discount! Now that’s how you treat fans.

To celebrate the announcement, Rebellion released a selection of awesome looking screenshots that are sure to get you even more pumped for the release.

For more information on the title, visit the official Zombie Army Trilogy website.

Did you play Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2 or are you new to the series? Either way, how do you feel about the conclusion from what you’ve seen so far? Let us know in the comments.