Let’s take a look at … – CMYW

CMYW is a fun little arcade shooter that fans of Asteroids and other retro-style space games will definitely appreciate. The goal is simple- shoot enemy ships, collect the resources they leave behind after exploding, and take these resources to your portal. While doing this, you must protect your portal and yourself from being hit by these enemies.


CMYW features extremely basic and colorful graphics that are reminiscent of the old vector displays from the 70s. You command an old-school looking triangle ship that ejects a tiny little spaceman when hit. Likewise, enemies are simple polygons and the resources they leave behind after you shoot them are yet smaller polygons. Pair the graphics with a fun and high-energy soundtrack and the game is perfect for a space atmosphere.

The goal of the game is to defeat enemies, collect resources and get them to your portal safely. The farther away you get from your portal, the more the map zooms out. There is also a minimap that shows where all your enemies are and stops you getting lost in space. Some enemies carry special items that change your weapons or give you boosts, and as the game goes on the threat level increases.

CMYW offers both keyboard and controller options, both take some getting used to, but you can adapt to either with plenty of practice. I prefer the controller, and it took me awhile to get a hang of spinning, moving, and shooting efficiently without floundering around all over the map. I had the hardest time with spinning just enough to aim right where I needed to. I would prefer if we could re-bind the keys to fix my issue with choosing to move instead of shoot, but I think that’s the main challenge of the game- mastering the controls so you can rack up the highest score possible.


 Game modes include single player, local multiplayer (up to four players), cooperative, and competitive.  Score hunters will appreciate the leader boards as well. Overall, I liked this game but grew frustrated by all the mistakes I kept making with the controls. It’s definitely gratifying blowing up all those enemies and collecting resources, and dying always causes a bunch of frustrated yelling and laughing before deciding to try one more time… one more time….

 Tl-dr I would recommend this simple but challenging game to anyone who likes arcade-style shooters, especially for the tiny $3.99 price tag.

 Rating – 8/10

 Purchase – Steam £2.79/$3.99

 Trailer –

Let’s take a look at … – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

So Hotline Miami 2 dropped last week and I bought myself a copy to review it here. I was about to fire the game up and spend a couple of hours in there so I was ready for my review, and I decided to hold off.

Hotline Miami was an incredibly popular game, and most people you ask will have played it. Because of this, a lot of reviews are comparing the game to the first title which is understandable.

I’m in the somewhat unique situation where I have never played the first game so can review it on its merits alone. I’ve got the game in my Library, so I thought it would be fun for my review to play the game for half an hour and see what happens.

No pre-dispositions from the first game, just a look at Hotline Miami 2 and its merits alone. Let’s get started.

To summarise the above video, for those who don’t want to watch a moron (me) die for half an hour, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is a very fast-paced, well executed shooter, with an intriguing set of graphics and story-line to match. There’s no room for mistakes, and I feel like the controls are tight enough that the game can pull off insta-death without inducing too many rage quite since when you die it’s usually your fault!

The level design is great as there’s always multiple ways in which you can approach a situation, and different mechanic in there to take advantage of such as knocking down foes with doors and shooting through windows. That does however mean there’s more ways for them to get you, and I often found myself been shot by someone off-screen which was a bit of a pain in the ass.

The aesthetic is awesome. Trippy pixelated graphics and the way the game is presented as some strange VCR trip, it looks just as manic as it plays. The gore, oh the gore. You’ll jump on a downed foe and remove his head with a few round from an Uzi, but the neon colours and overall atmosphere soften that to just comic awesomeness.

This brings us to, what is for me at-least, the part of the game that binds all this together. The soundtrack. From ambient soothing tracks in the menu, to heat pumping synth melodies when you’re storming a room with 8 guys in, it never fails to create just the right atmosphere for the level you’re on. Sometimes it’s tense, sometimes it’s manic but it’s always epic.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, is a fantastic game. I think the only limiting factor on how long you’ll play this for is your blood pressure. It gets a 9/10 from me, a must-have indie title.

You can pick up Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number over Steam for £11.99 or your regional equivalent.

Let’s take a look at … – Broforce (Alien Infestation Update)

Last month we posted an article when the Alien Infestation update for Broforce went live. Well, it’s time to follow that up with a look at gameplay. Better late than never right!

Since I have a gameplay video for you I’m going to keep this light and just gloss over my experience the leave the video to say the rest.

The Alien Infestation for Broforce was released ~1 month ago and saw a range of new enemies, traps and boss fights extending the campaign. The main game itself hasn’t changed, but there’s a new set of enemies that need liberating by the bros; and it’s great. Take the original carnage and now double it as you have swarms of hungry aliens running at you.

From fast alien predators that will storm you down, to face huggers and alien spike traps, there’s a lot more content to get your teeth into. And best of all, it’s all free! It’s an update, not DLC; which I feel a good few developers would have chosen to make it.

It’s just even more badass content that makes Broforce a must-have. Not that it needed it.

So check out my video below as we play through the first new area and face these alien bastards for ourselves.

Broforce can be picked up on Steam for £11.99 or your regional equivalent.