Let’s take a look at … – Mos Speedrun 2

Mos Speedrun 2 is a precision platformer recently released by Physmo. Sure, there are plenty of platformers out there, but Mos Speedrun 2 brings some unique game features to the table that makes it stand out. Fans of precision platform should definitely give it a look in, so let’s check it out!


This cute, colorful, pixel-graphics game offers 30 levels of challenge. Guide your little creature through the map, jumping over enemies, picking up coins, capturing way-points, bopping around moving platforms, and avoiding the plentiful environmental hazards.

In typical precisions platformer style, one hit will send you back to the start of the level. The only respite are way-points that can be found at various points throughout the levels. They’re only good for one use though, die twice and you go back to the beginning regardless. Get to the end to unlock the next map! Simple idea, but the play isn’t as easy as it sounds.


You can make getting to the end of the map your goal, but if you want to challenge yourself to be the best, you can beat the level in the lowest time possible, collect all the coins around the map, and also discover the gold skulls hidden in various, dangerous spots. There is definitely a lot of replay value for those who want to improve their previous score and earn badges for completing goals.

Another cute aspect of this game is the costume feature. By finishing levels, you can unlock new items to wear on your adventures, which mix and match. Lastly, one unique option is to have “ghosts” turned on, so you can see your previous runs, best run, and friends’ runs in that map while you play.


I used a controller for this game. Obviously, the major action in platformers is jumping. Moving the joystick up created one type of jump, while hitting a button created another. This took some getting used to, but generally, the controls are intuitive. (Although I’m still trying to get used to wall jumps)

I waste a lot of time trying to get this platforming just right, and often wind up killing myself anyways! It definitely takes a lot of patience and can be very frustrating, but successive runs will help you get better at each level and eventually pass it. Then you start all over on the next one!

Tl;dr – This game is everything a precision platformer needs: basic graphics, tight controls, a learning curve, and plenty replayability. Dive in as deep into mastering this game as you want, it has plenty to offer for any type of platforming player.

Rating – 7.5/10

Purchase – Steam £5.99/$8.99 (On sale for £5.39/$8.09 until September 10th)

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Let’s take a look at … – Depri-Horst

Depri-Horst is a weirdly wonderful mobile title from Steffen Wittig. It doesn’t take itself too seriously which I something I really liked and it made me laugh more than once. The story is bit odd, the sounds are bit odd, the levels are bit odd and it works wonderfully.

The game sees you playing as a depressed mailman who has to work his way through levels delivering mail and killing enemies by throwing your mail at them. There’s 2 modes, story and survival. Survival is simply an endless level mode where you go as far as possible so if we cover story we’ll cover this too.


Starting at the beginning, the main menu is great. Each page moves seamlessly into the other with a nice parallax effect. The controls are simple: Tap behind Horst to jump, top Horst himself to stop him and tap in-front of him to shoot. I must say, the instructions don’t tell you that you will shoot wherever you aim. It may seem simple but I overlooked this and it made the first level MUCH harder until I realised!

Each level starts with a nice, hand drawn, comic strip which lets you know what the level is about, then straight into the action. The main mechanics are very simple; jump and shoot, but they’re the main point of criticism for the game. I find the controls, and therefore general gameplay, very slow. To jump you have to press the screen, charge the jump and then release to actually jump. I’m not a fan of this as I think it slows gameplay down. There’s also quite a delay in the time it takes you to shoot which can be very frustrating as enemies sometimes come at you quicker that you.


This is improved as you move through the game and start to unlock upgrades. Once you get a certain amount of points in a level you will have the chance to upgrade Horst. You upgrade his different abilities and after unlocking a few gameplay really speeds up and becomes much more fun. I like the fact that you have to work to unlock upgrades to improve Horst, but I would make him faster to begin with.


To move through levels you have no navigate the level and shoot the enemies coming at you. Nothing ground-breaking, especially which what in my mind are weak controls, but the game really redeems itself with its humour. To start with the initial concept is a bit wacky and funny. Throwing your mail at cats and birds is pretty fun. Then there’s things like all sound effects seem to have been made by the creator with his voice. This is awesome and some in particular are really amusing. The death animation is a favourite and makes me laugh every time I die removing some of the frustration.

Humour is also achieved through gameplay. If Horst touches newspaper he reads then, gets depressed and will cry and crawl along the floor. There is a level where you’re been chased by a giant cat that’s on fire. All of the comic strips before the levels are funny. It’s all work really well together.


And that’s where Horsts strengths lie. The controls I feel are a bit week, and gameplay is very simple but it’s really funny and charming and I found myself laughing while I through mail at cats and birds.

Out of ten, I’d say Depri-Horst is a solid 7. I’m not a fan of the controls and somewhat slow start, but it’s made up by its humour and charm.